Actually, the death penalty is on the retreat. The number of the enforced judgments decreases, also in the USA, one of the last Western countries where people are still executed. However, in this area, President Donald Trump turns back the time. So, the US government adopted, the death penalty at the Federal level to enforce – after 15 years of break. It is already executions had been ordered by five inmates, which will run from the end of the year.

Donald Trump wants faster executions

Donald Trump calls that are longer in the more frequent application of the death penalty. After the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh last fall by a right-wing radical, he had said, people who commit such crimes, would have to pay “the ultimate price and not years and years of waiting”. Be hard course, in many of his mostly conservative supporters good – even, or perhaps precisely because he is against the Trend.

in March, California had the wings – the U.S. state with the largest number of inmates in Death – subjected to the death penalty by decree. A short time before state executions declared in the state of Washington to be unconstitutional. According to the Death Penalty Information center, there is no longer the maximum penalty in round 20 of the 50 US States.

“This will throw our country back by decades,”

not surprisingly, people respond to the right – and civil rights organizations outraged at the decision. In the case of Amnesty International, for instance, it means that this is the most recent note on the abuse of human rights by the Trump-government. The death penalty is the ultimate cruel and inhuman punishment. The civil rights organization ACLU warned that the US government should have, under any circumstances, permission, people. “This step will throw our country back decades,” lamented the organization.

+++ Trump-Ticker +++ attack on politicians from Baltimore “disgusting, rat infested shit-hole”: Congressman Trumps experiencing the full wrath AFP

Usually, the death penalty in each of US is to be imposed on States. That such judgments are covered at the Federal level, is rare and mostly involves Offences from the military criminal law, or a few other crimes – including terrorism. For example, the Boston Marathon bombers dzokhar after the Federal was convicted of law, and must expect the new Derektive that now with his execution.

Three people in 31 years, executed

Except for terrorists like Tsarnaev 61 seats currently, by the Federal government Condemned in the Death row. Including Dylann Roof, the shot of 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina, nine African-Americans during a Bible class. The death of a candidate, whose execution for the beginning of December, it is planned, is also a right-wing radical. He was murdered in 1996 a family, including a then-eight-year-old girl. The last Delinquent, the former soldier Louis Jones, who had raped eight years earlier, a soldier and murdered was. He died with a syringe in 2003 by the poison. In total, were executed over the past 31 years, three people by the Federal authorities.

source: DPA, AFP, “New York Times”, “Time”

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