photo manipulation has been around forever, in the case of Videos, the hurdle was a long time significantly higher. Since deep fakes is different: With relatively little effort, you can suddenly people incredible things to say and do. The beginning about porn with celebrity made faces. Finally, the topic was discussed because of the potential for electoral manipulation. No wonder that the technology is considered especially with anxiety. It’s from some users of Youtube and Instagram.

deep fakes shows the different

That deep fakes can be really funny, this Clip. Elon Musk leap out of there as a Baby by the living-room, cuddled on the chin, and as Yoda in disguise. The man behind the hilarious Video, Paul Shales, is in the everyday life of a simple programmer. In his spare time, but he is a Social Media Star and celebrities such as Donald Trump and Ariana Grande to dance to his tune. Under the name of “TheFakening” powered Shales his 100,000 Fans on Youtube, and Instragram with deep fakes.

Terrifying technique deep fakes: could Why play them soon in porn, without bringing to the knowledge Of the painted Mans

So he mixed an appearance by Ariana Grande with the face of her Ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, to simulate a daughter, became a small child from the children’s beauty pageant series “Toddlers and Tiaras” in the Donald Trump. On over 700,000 calls it is brought alone his Musk-Baby-Video. “I’ve recognized that you could gain viewers that people have fun,” he said, “CNN Business”.

During the beginning of still quite amateurish, was that he was now much more satisfied with the results of his Fakes. And you can earn now even a source of extra income: The Comedy show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” was set for a report to deep fakes on Shales. “I don’t know where this is going,” he said, “CNN. “But currently, I enjoy the attention.”

no daily danger

As a danger to normal citizens, the Youtube Faker can’t see the Clips yet, “everyone can make this kind of Videos, is just wrong,” says deep homage, the Tinkers similar Clips such as Shales. Still, the effort was simply too great. To be able to a credible Video, one does not need Shales, for example, only the output clip, but a lot of video material, with which he can mix. For a Kardashian-Rap Video, he left a program of all the episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to face recordings to sift through and then selected by Hand.

had done After the artificial intelligence of the Shale used deep fake tools, face swap and DeepFaceLab their work, he had to rework large portions of the Clips by Hand, to make them halfway believable appearance. Us can blackmail friends, or a random Hacker with a fake porn, and the current state is not very likely. Still, we can laugh so relaxed about Elon Musk as a Baby.

source: CNN, Youtube, Instagram

Deep Fakes Fake Videos and voice Imitation: Why all the blackmail in “Mission: Impossible”-style threatening

An art project, Mark Zuckerberg made billions of Data thefts on Facebook to admit. The Problem behind it not only hits group-bosses. With automated Fake Videos and voice imitations, it is becoming easier to steal a digital identity – and this Power to abuse.

By Malte Mansholt


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