5. April: Trump Mexico with a car doesn’t threaten duties, if you make for border security

In the duration of the dispute between Mexico and US President, Donald Trump this threatens the southern neighbours now, with the imposition of car duties, instead of with a soon-to-be border closure. Trump said in the White house, Mexico’s government needs to stop both migrants wanted in the United States, as well as the smuggling of drugs into the United States stop. Trump continued to Mexico for a period of one year. If Mexico had not done up to then appropriate steps, “then we are going to show their cars with customs duties,” he announced. “If that doesn’t work, we will close the border.”

Trump had decided to his notice in the practice: “I’m going to do. I don’t play games.” Originally, he had threatened already this week, the border between the two countries, sealing shut if the Mexican government is strengthening its crackdown on illegal immigrants wanted by the country in the USA. to impose

“for this reason, car duties, is a serious violation of existing trade. In addition, it would be very expensive for US and the customers”, – said the head of the Mexico Institute at the research centre for the Wilson Center, Duncan Wood. The Mexican interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero announced to strengthen controls in the South of Mexico to stop the people from Central America on their way towards US. A closure of the border would entail for both countries, with severe economic consequences.

30. March: the Mueller report is designed to provide mid-April,

U.S. attorney General William Barr will be published the controversial report from Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller until mid-April, the members of Congress and available to the Public. He announced on Friday in a letter to the parliamentarians in Washington, the “Washington Post” quoted. “All will be able to read it for yourself,” wrote Barr accordingly.

it remained Unclear however, first of all, how much is made of the nearly 400 pages of unrecognizable. Blackened, about information to people, against the determined, but against which no charge is levied. Sensitive secret service information must not be made public.

The report should not go in advance of Trump. The President stated that he does not want to make use of this right. The Minister of justice himself would on 1. and 2. May the members of Parliament in the house of representatives and the Senate.

The investigations of the special Prosecutor, Mueller had dominated the political life in the United States for two years significantly. They were followed up, among other things, the question of whether the election camp of the current President, Donald Trump might have made common cause with Russia. The report came to the conclusion that it is not there for such an assertion with sufficient evidence. To the question of whether Trump has intervened in the dismissal of the former FBI chief James Comey in the investigation of the judiciary, the report said.

Trump will now proceed, in turn, against the author of the allegations. In the interview, the Insertion of a second special investigator is even. The President is of the opinion that any of his successors could such injustice to befall him.

26. March: Trump wants to has announced to Mueller investigation against blow

US President Donald Trump, according to the advantageous end of the Russia-investigations by the special investigator Robert Mueller for a counter-strike. “We’ve been through something, it happened bad things and these people will be safe,” said Trump on Monday in Washington with views of the initiators of investigations. “You have the Congress lied to,” he said.

Mueller report completed In case of doubt against doubt? The sensitive role of Minister of justice Barr in the Russia-investigations

Trump spoke of vicious, and even “traitorous” things, but without being more specific. The investigation was on a “lie of representation” is based. “We can never let another President to do this again,” said Trump.

The Trump appointed Minister of justice, William Barr had released on Sunday a four-page summary of the almost two-year investigation. In it Barr comes to the conclusion that the special investigator Robert Mueller found no evidence to support a collaboration between the Trump camp with Russia during the election campaign of 2016.

When assessing whether or not Trump had made the justice-influence guilty, put Mueller explicitly. Trump himself spoke, nevertheless, of a “total relief” after his Minister of justice had considered a follow-up. A publication of further parts of the Mueller report, based on the four-page summary, he was open to. “It is the decision of the Minister of justice, but it would not bother me at all.”

24. March: the Mueller report is intended to provide no evidence of collusion with Moscow

U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller has come, according to the U.S. Department of justice, in his report to the conclusion that it has given in the presidential campaign of 2016 is no collusion between the election campaign bearing Donald Trumps and Russia. According to a on Sunday published a letter from the Minister of justice, William Barr to the U.S. Congress.

22. March: special investigator Mueller passes the report to Russia’s affair,

After almost two years of special investigator Robert Mueller has finished his investigation on the Russia-affair U.S. President Donald Trump. Mueller handed over on Friday a confidential report to the Ministry of justice, from a letter from the Ministry to the Congress. U.S. media reports are to be recommended for no further charges. A high ranking representative of the U.S. Department of justice told US media on Friday, according to the indictment of 34 people, including six former employees of the US President, Donald Trump, see, the Team of the special investigator of any new lawsuits.

Minister of justice, William Barr, said that he believed that he could inform the Congress possibly as early as this weekend, the most important conclusions of the special investigator. He stressed that he wanted to create as much transparency as possible.

Mueller was determined by may 2017 as to whether there is collusion between the Trump camp and representatives of Russia, the alleged Attempt of Russian influence the U.S. presidential election of 2016 – and whether Trump has been hindered by the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey and the justice system. The investigations have to more than 30 charges gcarried out, including six people from Trumps environment.

Trump was Mueller’s investigation is a huge thorn in the eye. Again and again he referred to them as “witch-hunt”. The White house responded with a demonstrative Composure on the end of the investigation. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, announced on Twitter, after the Handover of the report, the next steps in the case of Minister of justice, Barr hardware. You expect the process to take its course. The White house had not received the report and had not been informed of its contents.

The Department of justice had used Mueller in may 2017, after Trump had fired the former FBI chief Comey. The US President gave for the expulsion, first, for various reasons, but then said later in an Interview that he had the Russia-investigations by the FBI in the head.

he explained, According to the rules of the Ministry of justice, Mueller must submit to the Minister a confidential report at the conclusion of the investigation, in which, why he has opted for an indictment, and why he has not done so in other cases where appropriate. Minister of justice, Barr had to inform according to the rules of the Congress. He could make the report public, he should come to the assessment that this is “in the interest of the Public”, as stated in the regulations of the Ministry.

to make The two leading Democrats in the Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, have called on Barr now, the full report public. The Minister of justice should give Trump and his lawyers, not “preview” to Mueller’s findings, and the White house should not interfere in the decision of which parts would be made of the results to the public.

With the end of Mueller’s investigation will now focus on Congress. The Democrats are pushing forward with their new majority in the house of representatives already investigations to Trump and his environment, which could form the basis for the initiation of impeachment proceedings in the chamber. The democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Pelosi, had recently made in an Interview with the “Washington Post” clearly, that you would drive such a procedure only if there are compelling reasons and support from the Public was safe. to dismiss

the President actually in the office, however, would have to agree with the Trumps Republican-controlled Senate with a two-thirds majority. I would have to turn away at least 20 Republicans from the President – what is true at the current time as unlikely.

22. March: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to private accounts

The audit Committee have been used in the U.S. house of representatives accuses Donald trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, have Whatsapp and his personal E-Mail Account for official government business. Also Kushner wife, Ivanka Trump, also Advisor to the President, should have communicated via private E-Mail Accounts for a living. So they may violate the law.

The lawyer of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Abbe Lowell, told at the end of last year to the Committee that Kushner be used in addition to a private E-Mail account, the Messenger Whatsapp, for his official communications with foreign contacts, – said the Chairman of the control Committee in the U.S. house of representatives, the democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings, several US media reported that. Also, Ivanka Trump still receive messages relating to their official function, on your private E-Mail Account and I do not completely to your official address. Lowell denied that. Meanwhile, Trump guide official E-Mails, he said.

Cummings had sent on Thursday a letter to the White house, in which he wrote that the information “arouse additional security concerns” and the investigation of possible violations of the Presidential Records Act by members of the Trump Administration additional rentals of urgency, reports, among other things, the “New York Times”.

The Presidential Records Act requires the U.S. President and his Deputy that any correspondence, private, archived, and for posterity should be lifted. Since March the control Committee are determined in the context of the use of private Accounts. In his letter, Cummings calls on the White house to forward finally, months ago requested documents to help in the investigation. The government have so far refused, “a single piece of paper”.

The former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats made on the irony of the matter to the attention of: Trump had accused Clinton during his election campaign, on several occasions of similar Offences and I have to constantly plug in to prison because of it. The President had built “his entire campaign on accusations that Clinton took advantage of a private Server, and here we have something that is much worse,” said the Deputy Ro Khanna on CNN.

20. March: Donald Trump rages against George Conway

After Kelly Anne Conway, a consultant of the US President, and her husband, George, ‘ve been arguing for months publicly about the political Washington, a mix now Donald Trump in the exchange of blows – and strongly.

At Twitter, stated by the American President, George Conway, was “VERY jealous of the success of his wife”. Of people that know him “he was often referred to as only ‘Mister Kelly Anne Conway'”. “He’s a stone-cold LOSER and a husband from hell” Trump.

On the weekend, George Conway Trumps turned mental health into question: Conway tweeted a list of symptoms of people with narcissistic personality disorder and wrote this, all US citizens should worry about trump’s mental health and his state of mind, “especially the media, the Congress, the Vice President and the Cabinet”.

Kelly Anne Conway distanced itself publicly from the Tweet of her husband. In a television interview, she said on Monday visibly irritated, as parts of its concerns.

19. March: Trump threatens Venezuelan leadership with tougher sanctions

US President Donald Trump has threatened the Venezuelan leadership of the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, with further, harsher sanctions. “We have not yet imposed the toughest sanctions,” Trump said on Tuesday at a joint press conference with the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in Washington. “We can still be significantly harder.”

The US government had only assigned on Tuesday, the Venezuelan leadership with sanctions, and this time the gold sector to be targeted. The US government set the gold business professionals state mining company CVG and the President on the sanctions list. Assets of the company and its bosses in the U.S. are frozen and transactions with them.

On the question whether a US military Intervention in Venezuela is conceivable, Trump said for the umpteenth Time: “All options are open.” He added: “We will see what happens.” The development in Venezuela is very sad to look at. It was a very rich country, but under Maduro that there was no food, no water, no electricity.

Bolsonaro said with a view to a possible military Intervention, this is a strategic question that will not be discussed in Public.

In Venezuela rages on for weeks, a power struggle between the government and the Opposition. Juan Guaidó, chief of the disempowered Parliament, had declared at the end of January to the interim President and head of state, Maduro challenged so openly. Many countries, including the United States and Brazil, have recognised Guaidó as the rightful interim President. The US government has been trying for weeks to push Maduro to retreat.

19. March: Trump President salary donating to the Department of homeland security

U.S. President Donald Trump has donated to his own again to be President of the content – this time his own Department of homeland security. On Twitter published by Trump on Monday (local time), the image of a check for $ 100,000. The cheque bears the signature of the President and is payable to the Ministry. The sum of $ 100,000 corresponds to the remuneration of the U.S. presidents for a quarter.

Trump had announced before his inauguration, the President’s salary of 400,000 dollars a year, not to accept and to make it instead. According to his own words, he has met so far. He donated to various charities, including a relief organization in the fight against alcohol abuse.

The Department of homeland security is Trump. The authority is responsible for securing the border, and thus also for the construction of a promoted border fortification between the USA and Mexico.

14. March: Trump speaks out against second Brexit Referendum +++

US President Donald Trump has interfered once more in the Brexit debate and against a second Referendum in the UK. This would be “very unfair” to those citizens who had voted for withdrawal from the EU, Trump said in Washington.The US President described the resulting uncertainty about Brexit as a “disgrace”. He was “surprised” by how badly the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union were to be lost. He would appreciate it if a solution would be found, Trump said at a Meeting with the Irish head of government Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office.The US President sympathizes with the Brexit-hard-liners in the United Kingdom. He has criticized the conduct of the negotiations of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, compared with the EU already in the past. Also, his current criticism of the negotiations is aimed, apparently, in the first line on Jan.

13. March: Trump reacts to the rumors that Melania had a Double with a abstruseren theory

In the past few days spilled over, once again, a particularly curious conspiracy theory through the network: Instead of Melania Trump, a Double on the side of the President to the funeral visit to Alabama for a joyride (read more here). Now her husband reacts to Donald white, who is to blame. “The Fake News is not manipulated photos of Melania, and then the theory fired, it would have been, in truth, you are at my side, in Alabama and elsewhere. You will always be impaired with time,” wrote the President on Twitter. Who or what exactly he meant with his accusations, remains, as so often, unclear.

conspiracy theory, A picture makes for speculation: Did Melania Trump hired a DoppelgangeR?

In the photos that triggered the (mainly in the shallows of the Internet led) debate, is to take pictures of a photographer of the AFP news Agency. This had scanned the Trumps in your visit to Alabama. Nowhere is the AFP claimed that to see in these photos, Melania Trump. In fact, edited versions of these photos are circulating on Twitter. Not my Trump is expected, however, because they often look like this:

12. March: “don’t Want Einstein as pilots,” Trump tweeted to Boeing-crisis

pronounced After the crash of an aircraft of the US manufacturer Boeing in Ethiopia, the President of Donald Trump has against the use of too much computer technology in the aviation industry. “Planes are much too complicated to fly,” wrote Trump on Tuesday on Twitter. Instead of pilots, there is a need today computer specialists. It is always about to go on an “unnecessary” step further, it would be better to rely on old and simple procedure, he added.

The complexity of a mountain, said Trump. “I don’t know about you, but I want Einstein not Albert as my pilot. I want a great flight professionals, the easy and fast control a plane can do it.” Boeing, the President did not mention in his messages.

On Sunday crashed was a Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines in Ethiopia, 157 people were killed. Already in October a Boeing 737 Max 8 in the airline Lion Air accident in Indonesia, at that time, 189 people were killed. Several countries and airlines have declared, in the meantime, a start prohibition for similar machines.

12. March: Nancy Pelosi wants to. no impeachment proceedings against Trump

The Chairman of the U.S. house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has spoken out against impeachment proceedings against the Republican President, Donald Trump There should be compelling reasons to do so, “I don’t think we should go this way, because he divides the country,” said Pelosi in the Washington Post in a Monday Interview published. With a view to Trump the most powerful US Democrat added: “And he it is simply not worth it.”

Especially from the left wing of the faction of the Democrats demands for impeachment proceedings. The Democrats have, since January, a majority in the house of representatives, with the help of which you could initiate a procedure of impeachment (Impeachment) against Trump. The Senate should lead the process. In this chamber of the Congress Trumps the Republicans have a majority. An impeachment would have to agree to two thirds of the 100 senators. At present, such a majority is not conceivable.

slip of the tongue or “Fake News”? Trump explains why he said “Tim Apple” – contradicting a report

Pelosi said she had confidence in the institutions of the United States. She showed concern for the case of a re-election Trumps 2024. “All the challenges we have seen us, we can resist everything. But maybe not two terms of office (Trumps). So we need to make sure that that happens.” In the case of the Democrats, the field of those applying for the candidacy of the party in the year 2024, to grow. So far, more than a dozen Democrats want to challenge Trump in the election.

11. March: the Trump shall submit to Bulgarian for 2024 – the environment and health reduced

US President Donald Trump has submitted a 4.7-trillion-U.S.-Dollar budget proposal for fiscal year 2024 that provides for more spending for defense and less money for environmental, health, and development assistance. According to the will of the White house, the defense budget will increase by five percent to $ 750 billion (669 billion Euro). The government headquarters in the areas of environment, health and social welfare wants to swipe money, including 845 billion for the health insurance “Medicare”. The Budget of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and development aid Agency, USAID, is to be reduced by 23 percent.

Trump is pounding on a billion total for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, his Central campaign promises. For additional 8.6 billion dollars are provided for in the design.

If Trump gets the money, however, is questionable. U.S. presidents have traditionally placed their own Etatentwürfe, but first and foremost, pure desire catalogs.

It is considered unlikely that trump’s Plan is being implemented in this Form. The budget law lies with the Congress, and the Democrats have since the beginning of the year, the majority in the house of representatives. You have announced on the weekend that they will not endorse the claims after the money for the wall.

If the White house and the Congress, not until the end of September on a new budget that once again threatens a shutdown of the government. Because of a dispute in order to Trump the required wall it had come a few weeks ago to the longest Shutdown in the history of the country. Several Hundred government employees were forced to work without pay, or on furlough, to endure.

6. March: Former school Trumps to his notes

have hidden An earlier Donald Trump attended a U.S. school, has hidden in a newspaper report, according to the notes in front of the Public. This had happened some years before the Trumps enter the White house due to pressure from the environment, reported the “Washington Post”, citing the former head of the New York Military Academy. The US President has repeatedly claimed that he was a first-class pupils, and himself as a “genius” referred to. Already trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen said recently that he had earlier threatened to trump’s statement the previous schools with lawsuits, you should make the notes public.

testimony before Congress, “Michael Cohen always wanted to keep reported to be in the limelight” – so nasty tweet the Trump-sons

The “Washington Post” that celebrities and wealthy former students, some of trump’s circle of friends, wanted to have handed over its file to you a secret. Members of the school’s Board of Trustees would have demanded the Handing over of the Trump act. The chief of the Director have denied, however, and the documents to a different location on the school grounds. This was the only Time that he had laid in a pupil’s file. Trump attended the Military Academy in upstate New York for five years. At that time he was a Teenager. The New York Military Academy is not part of the U.S. army, but is organized in the code of conduct and procedures on a military model.

5. March: “Fox-News” already knew before the election in 2016 of Trumps affair

The Wall Street Journal brought the story over a year ago, however, in journalists ‘ circles, the affair between Donald Trump and the porn star Stormy Daniels was apparently already known for a long time. As the U.S. magazine “The New Yorker” writes, knew the reporter Diana Falzone of “Fox-News” already before the election in 2016 – but was instructed not to report on it. A supervisor had told her, “Rupert (Murdoch, owner of “Fox-News”, ed.) want Donald Trump to win. So let it remain.” Also of the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels by trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen knew the journalist. This cheque for $ 130,000, could pave Trump difficulties, because it may violate the campaign Finance laws. A representative of trump’s favorite station, Fox News rejected the representation of the magazine.

Fullscreen 4. March: U.S. Democrats of inquiry to Trump and environment

begin with started The Democrats in the US house of representatives have a comprehensive investigation of U.S. President Donald Trump and his environment. The justice Committee of the chamber requested a number of documents from the White house and dozens of people from Trumps environment. Including his son Donald Trump Junior. With their newly gained majority in the house of representatives – one of the two Congress chambers – have the Democrats, various studies initiated. The Chairman of the judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, had announced at the weekend that his Committee will request a dossier of more than 60 people from Trumps environment. It is about allegations of corruption, abuse of power and obstruction of justice, said Nadler, the TV channel ABC.

The Committee requires, among other things, by Donald Trump Junior, that he will provide documents in connection with the dismissal of FBI chief James Comey by the President in may of 2017 ready. The list of demands to the White house is extensive: The Government center to give out according to the will of the Democrats, among other things, documents that could be about possible Pardons by the President. Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Monday, the legal counsel of the White house will go through the letter and to respond to a “reasonable time”.

4. March: Trump gives Democrats complicity in the Failure of the Kim-summit

After the unsuccessful outcome of the North Korea summit seeks US President, Donald Trump for someone to blame. Trump accused the opposition Democrats, to have the same time as the hearing of his Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen in front of a congressional Committee in the course of the summit negatively impacted. “You could have contributed to the ‘finish’ with,” tweeted Trump. With “departure,” to he played on the record, with the he himself had declared, in Hanoi, the demolition of the summit: “Sometimes you have to go.”

Cohen had used his testimony before Congress on Wednesday to a harsh settlement with his former boss, whom he described as “fraudsters” and “racists”. Trump was at the same time to the summit with North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un to power in Hanoi.

In Twitter messages was expressed by the President on Sunday its Umut: “this is something nobody has done yet, while the President is abroad. Shame!” Further, he wrote: “the fact That the Democrats listen to it in public session, a convicted liar and a cheat, the same time as the very important nuclear summit, with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics.”

trump’s own security adviser John Bolton came to a different assessment of the summit. He does not think that the North Korea will Meet for a “success” – at least if “success” was defined, “that the President will protect the national interests of America and force,” said Bolton to the channel CBS. The summit have deepened Trumps relationship with Kim “,” said Bolton.

1. March: statement feels totem students: Trump’s miss understood

US President Donald Trump has responded to the fierce criticism of his statements to the deaths of U.S. students Otto warm beer and a misconception spoken. “Of course, I’m in North Korea for Otto’s mistreatment and death,” wrote Trump on Friday (local time) on Twitter. You should not forget that he himself had provided for Warmbiers release.

He could never suffer, if his statements were misrepresented, defendant Trump. In Particular, this is true, but for the case of warm beer and the “great family”. The President wrote: “I love Otto, and often think of him!”

at the beginning of 2016 was taken, the then 21-year-old Otto and warm beer after a group trip to North Korea for departure and convicted of “hostile acts against the state” 15 years in a labour camp. In 2017, he was released and back in the USA. A few days after his return to the United States in June 2017 he died – he had then been for 15 months in a coma.

Warmbiers parents have sued North Korea because of “brutal torture and murder” and demanded more than more than 500 million dollars (about 438 million euros) from the Regime in Pyongyang. They accuse the Regime of leader Kim Jong-Un, it took Otto of warm beer as a hostage, a political prisoner held and brutally mistreated.

After his Meeting with Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam, Trump had taken the North Korean ruler, in the case of warm beer and said that it expected that Kim didn’t know anything about the detention of the young man in his country. This caused great indignation among the parents of the deceased students, as in the case of members of the U.S. Congress.

1. March: parents of Otto and warm beer Trump

The parents of the deceased U.S. students Otto and warm beer have objected to a statement by President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un for the death of your son. talk “Kim and his evil Regime are for the death of our son, Otto responsible,” it said in a message from Fred and Cindy warm beer, the widely used, several US media on Friday. “No excuses or exuberant praise can change that”, it said.

Trump said after the summit with Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam, said he expected that the North Korean rulers is nothing of the Inhaftiachievements have known Warmbiers in his country. Trump said on Thursday about Kim: “He tells me, that he knew nothing about it, and I’ll take him at his word”. It was terrible, what had happened. “I really believe that it (warm beer) something terrible is about to happen, and I really don’t think that the senior leadership knew.”

the warm beer was taken at the beginning of 2016 after a group trip to North Korea for departure and convicted of “hostile acts against the state” 15 years in a labour camp. A few days after his return to the United States in June 2017 he died – he had then been for 15 months in a coma.


16. March 2016: Otto warm beer before a court in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea

©Jon Chol Jin/AP/DPA 27. February: trump’s Ex-lawyer Cohen eight hours of senators

The longtime attorney of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, interviewed is eight hours long in the US Congress, been interviewed. The hearing before the intelligence Committee of the Senate took place behind closed doors. Senators wanted to make no specific references to Cohen’s statements. Trumps years of sweeper self-expressed satisfaction about the survey. He got the opportunity, things are almost back, and “to tell the truth,” said Cohen. Cohen will testify on Wednesday before the oversight Committee of the house of representatives – the gig will be broadcast live on television and, therefore, with special anticipation. Finally, a re-examination of Cohen’s follows on Thursday behind closed doors, in front of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives. Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has announced the “terrifying” statements about Trump.

26. February: Ex-lawyer Cohen is willing to testify that Trump should have in office is criminal behavior

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer, Donald Trump, wants to testify at his hearing in the US Congress, apparently, publicly, that the U.S. President in office of a crime accused. The “Wall Street Journal” reported. In addition, he should plan according to the sheet, to provide insights into trump’s private finances. The alleged criminal act related to the contribution, according to the hush-money payment to the porn actress Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen, a longtime Confidant of Trumps had broken with the US President and was sentenced in December to three years in prison. From Tuesday on, he says for three consecutive days before committees of the U.S. Congress. A public hearing will be held on Wednesday.

25. February: campaign worker complained about the unwanted kiss from Trump and enough to suit

The White house has rejected accusations by a former campaign staffer Donald trump, according to which the current President in 2016, against their will, kissed. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, described the accusations on Monday as “absurd”.

The African-American Alva Johnson, 43, told the “Washington Post” that the incident had occurred in August 2016 at a campaign event in Florida. Trump took her Hand and bent forward to kiss her on the mouth. You have turned away then, her head and the kiss landed on the side of your mouth. It was “super creepy and inappropriate,” she told the newspaper.

Sanders said that there had been no incident and several very credible witnesses, contrary to the representation. According to the “Washington Post”, consisted of two supporters of the President, had identified Johnson as a witness, to have the kiss seen.

reported, such As the newspaper, submitted Johnson, in the meantime, a lawsuit in which they demanded compensation. You accused Trumps the election campaign, bearing, therefore, also have less paid than their white, male colleagues. Several of the women accusing Trump to have you in the past, sexually harassed. The President rejects.

19. February: Due to presidential satire: Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump starring in the US Comedy Show “Saturday Night Live feel of Donald Trump threatened to” feel because of its role threatened. Last weekend, the actor had taken in his parade role of the emergency speech from the President on the shovel and then an infuriated reaction from Trump harvested. The language of the “corrupt media, are the enemy of the people”. The (re -) harsh attack on the President, prompting Baldwin to a worried Statement on Twitter: “I wonder if a President-in-office, the referred to me because of my role in a Comedy TV show to his followers as an enemy of the people, a threat to my safety and my family?” Baldwin satirized Trump since his presidential candidacy and criticized so often by the President.

“Saturday Night Live” “retribution”: Trump rages because of a Sketch in cult-satire show

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has been parodied in the Comedy show “Saturday Night Live” Donald trump’s state of emergency Declaration. The US President, the did not fit at all.

By Marc Drewello 17. February: next point of contention: Donald Trump calls for Europe to accept prisoners IS fighters on the

US President Donald Trump has the European allies of the United States to capture and conviction of hundreds of prisoners of the terrorist militia Islamic state fighters called. Otherwise, would have compelled the United States to put the fighter on free foot, tweeted Trump. One of the States that Trump spoke in his message, and even Germany.

“The U.S. request, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European allies, about 800 ISIS fighters that we have taken prisoner in Syria, to take back, and to bring them to justice,” wrote Trump. The Caliphate, which was just in front of the case. “The Alternative is no good, we would be forced to release you,” tweeted Trump in the first part of his message.

The United States would hate to see how this IS fighter penetration in Europe, since this expectation wanted to go under there. “We do so much and give so much,” wrote Trump in the second part. “Now it is time for others to step forward and get the Job done, the best we can.” Finally, Trump confirmed the withdrawal of the United States after a victory over the Caliphate.

15. February: Pence greets from Trump security conference responded with silence

Sometimes the breaks fall in Talk – in a short speech of US Vice-President Mike Pence on the sidelines of the Munich security conference. The Deputy President Donald Trump spoke on Friday evening in the Bavarian Parliament, in the presence of a large U.S. Delegation, and many of the guests at the award ceremony of a newly-endowed John-McCain-and-price. Striking: As Pence said he will convey the greetings of “the 45. The President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump”, there arose no applause. Instead, Nearly five seconds of silence – before Pence made his speech.

15. February: Trump under state of emergency-Declaration

US President, Donald Trump declared to the funding of the wall on the Mexico border a national emergency. Trump signed on Friday in Washington, the appropriate Declaration, such as the White house announced. With the emergency Declaration to give Trump the financial resources for the construction of the wall, to him by the Congress denied. The Declaration of hard political and legal disputes are to be expected. Trump himself expressed the expectation that the dispute will ultimately end up in the Supreme court of the country. “Hopefully, we will get a fair Chance to win before the Supreme court,” he said in a speech at the White house shortly before the signing of the emergency Declaration.

The US President continued with his signature, the new budget law in force, adopted by the Congress on Thursday. By law, a new financial is avoided lock, as she had put on the year for five weeks by the Federal authorities to partially lame.

15. February: Donald Trump announces national state of emergency

US President Donald Trump has announced in connection with the Situation on the border with Mexico, the national declare a state of emergency. So Trump can use, according to the White house on Friday, funds in the total amount of around eight billion dollars, of which large parts for the construction of a border attachment can use.

click here to read a detailed analysis of the backgrounds.

Trump spoke of an “Invasion”, the would be exposed to the United States. The budget chief of the White house, Mick Mulvaney, said that the money guarantee that “we can do what we want to do”. This means, first of all, the construction of 234 miles of border fortification.

Trump justified by the alleged necessity of the construction of the wall for months with an unsustainable Situation on the border. The border guards would have to fight crossings with tens of thousands of illegal Border. Many of the migrants from countries of Latin America were Criminals, drug and human trafficking actively.

analysis of the US President calls a state of emergency from Trump cuts a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution – and the very regret Of Marc Drewello

critics say that Trump could preclude that a majority of border crime is happening at border crossings and not where the construction of the wall is planned. Trump contradicts the. The Democrats say, Trumps scenario of a national crisis was artificially conjured up.

The national emergency has to Trump the last resort, by him in the election campaign, promised the construction of the wall to enforce. Parliamentary, he was failed with the project, although he stood up for the 35 days the longest government is still in the US history in the purchase had taken. The Democrats had already announced, against Trumps action legal action.

The emergency Declaration allows him to collect without parliamentary consent, financial resources to Fund the project.

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