The grandson of Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque, a canadian Couple from Montreal, has brought his grandparents at the last Minute a winning lottery ticket. At a presentation to prepare, he wanted to borrow them a book about Japan. At the opening of the book, his grandma found the lottery ticket that earned the couple, ultimately the millions.

lottery ticket was only valid for two days In the US woman wins $ 560 million in the lottery and refuses to accept

a year Ago, had bought the Pair the bill on Valentine’s day for 100 canadian dollars (about 66 euros). Shortly after, the draw took place – but the profit no one came to at the time, because Nicole and Roger had put the ticket in the Japan book, and simply forget. Thanks to the certain unit in preparation of her grandson, she found the note now, but in the nick of time – just two days it was still valid, as the lottery of the province of Québec announced. A million profit in literally the last Moment.

“It would not have been possible without my grandchildren are possible”

The Lotto company also said that the bill is still 1,000,000 canadian dollars, so around 660,000 euros. Pedneault itself is facilitated via the re-discovery and convinced that they had found the lottery ticket without your grandson probably never in time, such as “Spiegel Online” writes, the first had reported about the stroke of luck. Also, lottery spokesman Patrice Lavoie commented on Twitter to the chance Fund: “What a story! Congratulations to our winner”.

source: “Spiegel Online” / “Loto-Québec”



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