Two men have been arrested for the assault of a minor foreigner unaccompanied on the 27th of October in Zaragoza, according to an advance Herald of Aragon on Thursday. The investigation is still open and the National Police has been limited to confirm that the victim was one of the immigrant children are without referents in Spain that guides the Government of Aragon. The young man, 17 years old, was in a floor host and had to be hospitalized in the ICU. This new attack is known, after a number of attacks on immigrant minors in the madrid district of Hortaleza.

The two men, José Ramón and Luis Javier R. H., both with criminal records canceled, they are brothers and have been in libertas provisional quality of investigated, reported the local newspaper. Both live near the floor of reception of the child, but denied the assault

The facts occurred around three in the afternoon of the 27th of October and the attackers reproached the alleged inconvenience caused to the neighborhood while we filmed a brutal beating. The child received punches and kicks all over the body and the assailants took flight. When the victim arrived at the hospital the doctors found that I had part of the skull sunk. The severity of the injury forced the patient to undergo surgery and stay for several days entered, as it came to fear for his life, according to details in the Heraldo de Aragón. After passing through the ICU, the evolution of the child has been favorable and has him transferred to plant.

The Police took a week to locate the attackers and did not rule out further arrests as the boy told the officers that at least seven individuals besieged.


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