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Life is unpredictable, we all know it. Things happen at unexpected times and sometimes we can do very little to predict or control them. However, we can learn from such experiences. Accepting that unpleasant situations are a part of our lives can prepare us better for the future. Unanticipated casualties can be of any kind – from those endangering businesses or properties we own to those more extreme ones, endangering us personally and physically. Unfortunately, such things are common, and they happen to every one of us.

So, what can you do to reduce or minimize unforeseen harm? One of the most common ways to protect our lives and our possessions is insurance. In this article, we will discuss several types of insurances to help you secure your well-being, but also physical and material belongings.

1. Life insurance

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Let’s start with what is the most valuable asset – human life. True, no insurance can prevent tragic or disastrous outcomes which will never happen we hope. However, this type of insurance takes care of our loved ones. In other words, if something happens to us, this insurance will provide basic and some extra financial support for our families.

If family members depend on you or your income, you should consider this type of insurance. This is how it works. You calculate your annual income and consider how many years you have left until retirement. Accordingly, you can choose a life insurance plan that will support your family in the event of your sudden injury or death.

Did you know you can also sell your life insurance policy for cash? If your premiums get too expensive or you’re in need of extra cash, companies like offer the option of a life settlement.

We advise you to do thorough research on this one since there exist many different plans and sort of coverages.

2. Long-term disability insurance

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The second type of insurance also addresses the potential existential challenges of you and your family. This sort of insurance is designed for cases when an accident you experience cause a significant injury and disability that can greatly affect your life and movement. In addition to traffic accidents (which we will talk about later), these types of injuries most often happen in the workplace.

If you are working in a high-risk position, make sure to consider this type of insurance. Unfortunately, some companies and employers do not provide such coverage for their workers. Furthermore, this kind of insurance will also help you overcome the challenges during the recovery period, providing you with different medical supplies.

3. Automobile insurance

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A few words about traffic accidents. Did you know that there are about 6 million traffic accidents in America each year? Yes, you read that right. This the information provided by the U.S. National Safety Council. Last year only, there were about 38,000 deaths involving car drivers.

Furthermore, during the last decade over two million drivers received medical help or treatment. Most of the U.S. states require from every driver to have this type of insurance. If drivers do not get this one, he or she might pay a fine ranging from USD 500 to USD 1,000.

In addition, their driver’s licenses can also be revoked. Automobile insurance normally covers various car services and injury treatments. Sometimes they also cover funeral expenses in the event of fatal crashes.

4. Health insurance

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This type of coverage is the most important one, in our opinion. Our health should be the number one priority. Whether you have a disease or a medical condition that requires hospital treatment, health insurance should cover it for you.

Also, some plans cover emergency surgeries or more expensive medical treatments. On the other hand, other plans cover only partial costs of the treatment. Like with life insurance, plans and coverages vary so make sure you research them well. We live in unpredictable times and having insurance that will support us through difficult situations can be crucial.

5. General Liability Insurance

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At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the insuring of businesses and properties. Many LLCs and small businesses get this type of insurance immediately upon opening. In general, this kind of coverage protects businesses from lawsuits that happen because of their business activities.

Having this type of insurance means that you are determined to stay in the game called business for a long time and thus show significant credibility. If you are thinking of getting this coverage for your business or even opening an LLC, you will find a lot of useful advice at howtostaranllc.

Here you will find thorough information on the general liability insurance and how it can help your business protect itself from various risks.

6. Homeowners insurance

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Home sweet home! Our house is the place in which we feel most comfortable and which we share with our loved ones. Homeowners insurance protects your property in the event of natural catastrophes (fire, floods, earthquakes) and accidents that affect your safety. In addition to addressing the safety issues, this kind of coverage will add value to your house in case you decide to sell it.

Buying this kind of insurance is even more required if your house or property is in a geographically risky position, which, for example, is subject to earthquakes or other meteorological disasters. We advise you to seriously consider this type of insurance because in case of hazards, you will have to cover all the repairs out of your own pocket.

There are many other types of insurances, but today we discussed some basic coverages that we all need. The times we live in are uncertain and having support or backup in case of emergency can be critical. Finally, we advise you to consider which of these policies you would need and to check the prices of these types of insurances in your area as they can vary significantly.

There are many insurance companies and many insurance agents on the market, so dedicate some extra time to finding those that would offer the most comprehensive plans for your money. People sometimes try to save by avoiding all or some of the insurances we discussed above, but life often convinces us that it might be more expensive not to have them.