U.S. urged to respond to

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In the U.S. Congress said that the need “to take measures to prevent excessive oil production by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation”. This request was in a letter to congressmen-Republicans Kevin McCarthy, the Congressman, and Greg Walden, RT reports.

“This manipulation of markets to an even greater extent destabilizie the global economy, exacerbate the suffering of ordinary citizens. It is imperative that the us government has responded with decisive actions,” the report, addressed to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Fluctuations in the energy market began after the breakdown of negotiations between the country-participants of the OPEC format+. The parties failed to agree on the limits of reduction of production of black gold.

In late March, the expert explained what factors will affect the price of oil.

on Monday it was reported that the dollar at the opening of trading rose to 76,84 of the ruble.

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