UK revealed details of the murder of five people in the Ryazan region

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

learned the details of the murder of five people in the village of Elatma in the Ryazan region.

According to the information of the RF IC in the region, April 4, at about 22:00 the man born in 1988 made the remark in the company of young people who were talking loudly in the street. There was a verbal altercation after which the man grabbed his hunting rifle, jumped out and opened fire.

killing four young men and a girl. They all died on the spot.

two hours Later, the suspect was arrested by law enforcement officials. Investigators say that the gun men were officially registered.

In fact the incident a criminal case was open.

“Case under article “Murder of two or more persons” is brought after the death of five people in the Ryazan region”, – informs a press-service SK.

Now, the continuing work of the investigators. In the suspect’s apartment was searched. The gun that shot the man seized. The necessary examination will hold in the near future.

On the website, the SC noted that the investigation “is going to seek election to the detainee of a measure of restraint in form of detention”.

Earlier in the South-East of Moscow man opened fire on two girls. It was reported that the incident occurred in house district 57 on the Krasnodar street.

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