Ukrainian Governor resigned because of the situation surrounding evacuated from China's citizens

Photos: Ohorodnyk

For Ukraine, the Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Igor Sopel left the post because of the situation around the evacuation of citizens from Wuhan. President Vladimir Zelensky accepted his resignation, according to RIA Novosti.

“In connection with the situation in the Ternopil region because of the evacuation from China of Ukrainian citizens, and the poor performance of the state administration to inform the population about epidemiological safety of the President of Ukraine adopted a statement of Igor Sopel resignation from a post at own will”, – stated in the message released by the presidential office.

prior To this, the mayor of Ternopol Sergey Nadal spoke to the Nozzles with an appeal not to allow the placement of the sanatorium evacuated their China Ukrainians in the outbreak of coronavirus. Despite this people brought in New Sanzhary. Local residents, dissatisfied with the decision, rioted, throwing the bus with evacuees stones.

Earlier accused Zelensky “virologists in tracksuits” in clashes near Poltava that took place on the background of the situation. The Ukrainian leader promised that the organizers of the riots will be punished.

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