Opulent facades, high and bright rooms with stucco Ceilings – the living dream of building fans looks. Real estate buyers that want him to realize, however, companies must dig deep in the bag. Because pre-1950-built, old buildings in many places are significantly more expensive than younger apartments. In particular, in the last three years, prices for the sought-after old buildings are just exploded.

This shows an evaluation of the brokerage company Homeday, has compared the prices of real estate in the 80 largest German cities. Accordingly, the prices for existing buildings rose in the last three years, an average of all the cities by 30 percent. In the 1950-built buildings, there were “only” 25 percent.

madness in Munich, the prices are low in the Ruhrpott

The most mad are the prices – of course – in Munich, Germany. Here’s a building costs a fabulous 9370 euros per square meter. So the old prices are according to the Homeday, again, 32 percent above the already exorbitant Munich’s average level. Also in Hamburg, with a square meter price of 5150 Euro, the second most expensive old city, there is a high building-a surcharge of 29 percent, compared to the other offer. Significantly more expensive than other homes in the old buildings in Cologne, Bonn, Hannover, Münster, Koblenz, Freiburg, and Rostock.

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Conveniently located historical houses and apartments, however, are in the Ruhr area, where in many places it costs less than later-built properties. This is due to the Homeday, however, because, in the old building in the Ruhr area, more workers and factory settlements fell from the industrial heyday and less attractive gründerzeit buildings that shaped the city in Berlin and Hamburg. In addition, the evaluation also takes into account non-hotel facilities and condition of the buildings, which naturally also in the price low.

looking at the 20 largest cities, Düsseldorf recorded the highest increase in the old purchase prices. Within three years, the old buildings were on the river Rhine, around 45 percent more expensive. In Bremen, there were in the same period, by contrast, only a moderate 10 per cent.

table: purchase prices for old buildings in the 20 largest German cities


price per square meter in 2018

the rise for 2015


9370 Euro



5150 Euro



5042 Euro



4156 Euro



4103 Euro



3960 Euro



3830 Euro



3500 Euro



3177 Euro



2862 Euro



2688 Euro



2141 Euro



2080 Euro



2033 Euro



in 1865, Euro



in 1593 Euro


Bochum, Germany

1448 Euro



1397 Euro



1141 Euro

+32.7% in


1071 Euro


source: Homeday

Homeday uses as a data source offers for sale from real estate portals, national and regional daily and weekly Newspapers. The analysis includes prices for more than 100,000 residential buildings in the 80 largest cities, which were completed before 1950 and 2015 or 2018 were offered.


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