The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has assured this Monday that the Basque country will respond with “all the firmness democratic and institutional” to any step that would give the extreme right-wing Vox or its allies of PP and Citizens in the path of “disassemble” the self-government to the basque or to outlaw the PNV, as stated by the spokesman of Vox, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, during the last televised debate, and that has been followed promising in the elections that you have attended since Saturday.

“the Face of this threat represents an extreme right-wing and extreme, cast into the mount, and who is willing to disassemble, against the will of the whole of the basque society, everything built in the area of self-government, I do solemnly affirm that any intention of attack or assault to the self-governing basque, their institutions, their political parties or the democratic sensibility of the basque society are met with all the firmness democratic and institutional of the Basque Government and its president”, has said through the social networks. “I expected that parties of the implementation of state have responded [to the words of Vox]”, lamented Urkullu.


Urkullu bet for a “legal consultation, and agreed” to strengthen the self-government the spokesman for The PNV, Aitor Esteban, denies the greeting to the Vox, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, after the debate Aitor Esteban: “What I Am obligated to give the hand to this people Vox? It’s not. Are fascism”

The basque country president has reminded that the leader of the Vox “is not a stranger to the political basque” because “he was an mp of the PP” and “was part of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber Vasca” when was chaired by the Urkullu. “I know in first person what was the attitude of Santiago Abascal in those circumstances”. So, she has asked, “if you ever renounced the agreements with the PNV when needed and supported he being a leading member of the PP”. “We are what we are and we are what we were. Between the one and the other, appear the contradiction, consistency and inconsistency, and the ability or inability of self-criticism”, has reflected.

through social networks, Urkullu has referred, in this way, the “repeated” statements of representatives of Vox on their intention to outlaw the PNV, and to the references to him as its leader, Santiago Abascal, who, in his opinion, “go beyond the playing field of the election debate between political parties.”


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