US intelligence warned about the

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intelligence officials warned the US house of representatives on the current Russian intervention in the presidential election of 2023. According to the media, it is about trying to ensure the re-election of Donald trump, according to RBC.

According to us intelligence, Moscow intends to undermine the credibility of the electoral system of the USA. Considered the probability of intervention at several stages – both during the primaries and during the presidential election.

the Main problem, as I believe intelligence will be massive cyber attacks. Already allegedly developed ways to circumvent the protective mechanisms Facebook regarding misinformation, and further digital attacks will be carried out under the guise of Tehran.

some representatives of political forces of the United States does not agree that Moscow benefits from the re-election trump. According to Republican Chris Stewart, the current President of America were strongly opposed to Russia, and therefore Russia has no reason to support it.

the trump reacted to statements about a possible intervention in elections is critical. According to the American leader, the rumors about the support of Moscow can play against him.

Previously, the U.S. Senate acquitted President Donald a Tr on all charges in the procedure of impeachment. The President was accused of abuse of office and vosprepyatstvovat activities of the Congress.

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