Only when we are dealing no longer with a picture and it arouses our curiosity, Claudia Diaz reached your goal: you want to tell with your photographs, stories. If she photographs male Nudes, she seeks the right balance between nudity and eroticism. “If the man triggered on the picture a movie in your head and the viewer in a wild scene speculated and discussed, that would be wonderful,” says the photographer.

The Location is always an important part of their stories: “I love especially the reflections and the pictures window, you have a very special charm. The Amateur photographer swims against the current and like it, to document the erotic through a lens. “Usually men see women as lust objects, I turn the tables. This is a certain kind of emancipation.”

The models, the Diaz for this photo selected row, were the expressions in their eyes, strong characters with sporting bodies and sensual face. “It is wonderful that she trusts me and my ideas of life have been breathed into,” says the photographer.

And otherwise?

Claudia Diaz, 43, works as a nurse and lives with her partner in Dortmund. “Creativity is a great Motor, in order to feel free,” she says. Her big dream is to be a men-photo image band and, of course, exhibitions. As a Diaz in 2009 with a Canon 50D and bought the Photography auto-didactically taught, had to serve her two sisters as models. With existing light and baustrah learning you have gained their experience with light and shadow. “My ideas are movies, a movie in your head, not to stop until I have brought my thoughts to the picture,” she says, explaining her Inspiration.

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