Some of Manfred Baumann no one has to prove. He has his Status as a respected photographer. His works have been presented on several continents in exhibitions. His photographs have been published worldwide in such prestigious publications as the “photo magazine” or “Photography”. But above all, his pictures were seen in the large audience magazines, including “Playboy”, “FHM” or “GQ”.

Maybe that gives him the freedom to try for years, in one area, the others might turn up their noses: erotic calendar year. The range in this Segment ranges from high quality (“Pirelli calendar”) to the bizarre (“carp calendar”) to flat (“young farmers calendar”).

Baumann belongs clearly to the upper compartment: His photographs are White in a stylish Black-and aim never to the cheap effect. What distinguishes his calendar also: For the price of 29 Euro, the purchaser in addition to twelve Nudes, a also buys the promise of a certain amount of exclusivity: The calendar is limited to 1000 copies.

Manfred Baumann, photographer

before he was a celebrated photographer, Manfred Baumann has come a long way. Born in Vienna in 1968, he left the school with a secondary school education and completed an apprenticeship at the delicatessen merchant Julius Meinl. There, he brought it up to the store Manager. On duration of this occupation was, however, not satisfied, in him, an artistic vein, which wanted to be satisfied slumbered. So the Austrians emigrated in 1995 for two years to Canada, where he worked as a photographer.

Back in Vienna, he pursued this career and had quick success. As of 2002, Baumann began photographing well-known personalities, and got countless celebrities in front of the camera, such as Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Toni Garrn, Tony Curtis, Juliette Lewis, David Hasselhoff, John Malkovich, Kathleen Turner, William Shatner or Bruce Willis. Given this, many world stars, the work with the Models for his calendar must have been a refreshing change of pace.

“Manfred Baumann Calendar 2019” can be ordered via the Homepage of the photographer. It costs 29 euros, and is strictly limited: There are only 1000 copies. Here you can order the calendar



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