The European Commission has called for better education about vaccinations. Although 85 percent of the people in the EU, vaccinations are considered effective to prevent infectious diseases, 48 per cent believed, incorrectly, that these often have severe side effects.

were The questioned the findings of a Eurobarometer study, in the Europe-wide 27.524 people. 38% stated that vaccines can cause the diseases against which you should protect.

In Germany, 46 percent of the participants were, therefore, incorrectly assume that the vaccines often have serious side effects. And 42 per cent were of the view that vaccines can cause the diseases against which you should protect.

were falling immunization rates and infectious diseases to be on the increase, it said of the Commission. Alone from 2016 to 2017, the number of measles cases have tripled.

vaccinations – why they are important vaccinations save lives

vaccinations are one of the biggest Successes in the history of medicine. Whole course could sometimes be deadly, eradicated diseases such as smallpox. Vaccinations save lives each year worldwide, about six million people (Ehreth, 2003). The number of infectious diseases against which there are vaccinations, has been reduced dramatically (Bloom et al, 2005). Vaccinations are extremely effective, only the access to clean drinking water is a global yet effective (Andre et al, 2008) in the fight against widespread infections.


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