Update from 11. June 2019: After a long Wait we are finally arrived, officially, in the warm Season of the year! While scarves and sweaters in the closet, walking slowly to the rear, are now being dug out of the tighter Outfits out of it. So also in the case of a satellite.1-Breakfast Television-Expert Vanessa Blumhagen. Now is known, the weather showing independent free-quickly and easily Packed. Accordingly, the popular brunette omitted in her new Instagram Story now so completely on clothes.

Sat.1-Star Vanessa Blumhagen basks to see no fuel

Like the Rest of Germany also enjoys Vanessa Blumhagen the first rays of the sun and relaxed “for a Sundowner on the terrace,” as she titled her Selfie. On the graces, the well-known TV face only a XL sunglasses. Need a Vanessa not Blumhagen, obviously, neither accessories, nor fabric!

+ Vanessa Blumhagen in the sun.© Screenshot

it is of Course possible that she is wearing more cloth on the body. In any case, but she has a ideal concept for a streak free tan on the torso.

Vanessa Blumhagen lightly dressed on the way to Breakfast television

After your relaxing Muse-hour, the presenter shows on the home balcony on the road in the Breakfast television Studios, but then again something züchtiger in almost good Blazer. However, a Blumhagen would not be Blumhagen, if not at least the Top she is wearing underneath, would be tiiiiief cut out.

+ The Breakfast television expert can be, as usual, again, look deep.© Screenshot

“horse-cock-rocking-Selfie”, commented on your photo – where we have to question, who shall in such an Outfit at all on the horse cock.

Vanessa Blumhagen showed up with a hell of a dress at a Gala, the Fans are excited.

Vanessa Blumhagen conceded nasty comparison for airy dress

Update from the 4. June 2019: Finally Summer! This is not only normal citizens and normal citizens. But also TV-celebrities, such as satellite.1-Breakfast Television-Expert Vanessa Blumhagen. You threw a very airy, loose dress. And posed proudly with Instagram.

look, here is this post on Instagram to

. Short. Goes. ☀ Levi’s ☀ Levi’s ☀ Levi’s brands in the picture linked . #display #summer #white #short #ootd #dress #dress #white #summer #spree #vip #love mylife #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Jun 3, 2019 at 1:54 PM PDT

“I love your taste” and “A pretty good-looking Bunny” noisy reactions. “Where did you get the dress, really great,” want to know another Follower. And Sophia Thomalla himself, which provided for “WWM” on RTL on Monday for eddy, writes: “Big girl. Magical.“

Sat.1-Breakfast television-Mrs Marlene Lufen reports in the comments to word: “You look beautiful, happy and exuberant! That’s about it,“ she writes.

But not everyone is thrilled with the dress. “Nah … you would have, however, recently been in. Looks cheap,“ writes one.

look enchants you with this post on Instagram to

@vanessa_blumhagen us in the white summer dress. Since the heat can be much better able to withstand! #sat1ffs #sat1frühstücksfernsehen #sat1

shared A post by SAT.1 Breakfast television (@Breakfast television) on Jun 3, drag, 2019 at 3:57 PM PDT

And under the Breakfast TV Posting that shows in the same dress, some a nasty comparison: “Great night shirt, night shirt off forgotten!”, “She has the night shirt, forgot to take off. So beautiful is different,“ it says.

A user has a request: “And now it’s just a little rain.”

And these Followers get to the point: “A very beautiful woman, which makes for the happiness of the eternal grumblers nothing.” Because he’s right. A small greeting from the editors: Stay as you are, Vanessa Blumhagen. We look forward to your next photos.

Vanessa Blumhagen: Sat.1-expert shows can be found on Instagram in the bra – “provocation is wanted”

Update vom 30. May 2019: The Instagram-profile of the satellite.1-Breakfast television-expert Vanessa Blumhagen is currently a Feast for all of you to appreciate not only because of their celebrity knowledge, but also because of their attractive appearance. After all the fuss your transparent blouse, it does, in fact, supplies more: Vanessa Blumhagen shows in the bra!

look at the tests you this post on Instagram to

advertising | I always, of course, beautiful and vital look. I’ll try just the new sound wave device of @skinology_official, which has been made after the first application for a Absoftung of my wrinkles and a beautiful rosy complexion! A super Beauty Treatment for your home! I’m curious to see how the long-term effects will be, by the Way: the SKINOLOGY HOME is available for everyone and with the Code “Vanessa exudes” gets her in myskinology.de to 15. June 30€ Discount! Try it out but, it you like #beauty #treatment #myskin #natural beauty, #love myself #skinology #Vanessa is irradiated

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on may 29, 2019 at 10:05 PM PDT

Well, actually, it is a pure promotional post, you are promoting a sound wave device, discount code included. However, a lot of Fan reactions are not related to the bargain. But on the skimpy clothes and the look of the TV beauty.

“You always look beautiful and natural. Mega woww”, “Even without makeup, you look good”, “Sexy sexy love Vannessa and sexy bra haste” and “not, Mrs. Blumhagen” you Need are the reactions.

Some to blaspheme and on the device, promoting Blumhagen. “The thing looks like an emergency hammer measuring Bus. You need never Vanessa!!!“ just a bizarre comparison is. “Is the Amorelie?”, one of them asks. And even more vehicles to the comparison with a Sex toy. How do the know the all just?

A couple of comments from fall again hearty: “You’re just so delicious, because it also does not crash when you stroke with an electric toothbrush for the face,” it says. And even: “Horny bra for the Rest I would have also have liked to see.” Na Na, you guys, behave yourselves!

A User writes: “Since the transparent blouse was me but better” – no Problem, we will show you further below.

Vanessa Blumhagen in see-through blouse – Sat.1-woman shows another photo as “proof”

Update from 28. May 2019: After the excitement (also, we so many Instagram Followers reported) to a see-through blouse Vanessa Blumhagen has the satellite.1-woman is responding now. Wrote a photo again in said transparent shell, you are on Monday: “in Order to calm the excitement a little, here is a picture that doesn’t look quite so good, how transparent the top is actually…”. Added the “photographic evidence” you Hashtags like #scandal, #naked, #relaxed euchmal or #malwieder comes down. The vortex to the transparent blouse (see photo below) can not understand the 41-Year-old, therefore, at all.

check out this post on Instagram to

in Order to calm the excitement a little, here is a picture that does not look quite as good how transparent the top is actually… . #display #panic #riot #anarchy #naked #Nude naked #not #transparent #help #omg #scandal #Breakfast #ootd #height comes again down #funny #relaxed euchmal

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on may 27, 2019 at 6:52 PM PDT

The opinion of your Followers are again divided. Many find the photo completely harmless and writing comments like “a lot of smoke about nothing”, or “with the black bra underneath was see nothing… is nothing Wrong…”.

the Outfit stimulates the imagination of so many Fans, but it seems to be the case, as some comments show: “Vanessa you’re so fucking sexy, keep it up.” Another writes: “I can see everything and I like it very much.”

And this Followerin has Blumhagen clear words for Vanessa: “that’s what you want but exactly. And you know very well that by no means only positive comments come. The provocation is intended.“

Sat.1-woman again in a transparent blouse – a hope of Fans but unfulfilled

Hamburg – Vanessa Blumhagen know how the media world works: The celebrity expert is an indispensable part of the TV landscape; arouses the viewers for years every Morning with the most interesting stories from the world of the Rich and famous in the Sat.1-Breakfast television.

The skimpy Outfits include the Image for Blumhagen. So it surprised no one that she has now, once again, with your super-sexy Look for yourself into the conversation. Because of their transparent blouse she drew all eyes, or in your neck.

Vanessa Blumhagen (Sat.1): Again transparent on Instagram

In your Instagram Story Blumhagen takes their Fans on their way to the Studio; reveals how tired she is and that she has actually slept terribly bad. Later, she posts, while itheir Breakfast break with your gluten-free cheese bread.

What the Fans are interested in but much the more, Years of the blouse, the 41 -. Which is again completely transparent and allow a clear view of everything underneath. In this case, however, this is no more than a tight black bra.

Fans love Blumhagens sexy Look

Quite a lot of super nice comments you’ve received already, says Blumhagen later in the Video. Unfortunately, their Fans can get the Transparent Look, but not so easy to buy explains to you, because you’ve brought your blouse the way from South Africa from a small Label. The hope of the ladies, in the future, even the Blumhagen-shirt slap on a prophylactic, remains unfulfilled.

Of which seems to have them but several in the closet, because just a few days ago, the Society expert, wowed the audience with a see-through blouse.

shows a Lot of skin to Model Emily Ratajkowski, who presented on the beach in Bermuda in the conceivable skimpiest string Bikini.

Also, one of your colleagues caused recently a stir – in your the optical center of the excitement, in contrast to Blumhagens cleavage, however, was still below.



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