an increase in The number of reported measles infections worldwide in the past year by 30 percent compared to the previous year. As a report from the world health organization (WHO), also in wealthy countries such as Germany, have increased.

The report provides information on the development of the disease in the last 17 years. Accordingly, 110,000 people have died in connection with measles. At the same time, but since 2000, more than 21 million lives through vaccinations saved.

The largest increase in diseases, the scientists measured the inside and the scientist, therefore, in America, in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Europe. Germany is in Venezuela and Russia the countries which have been deprived of in the past twelve months, the certificate on elimination of measles. Must be vaccinated according to the WHO guidelines 95 percent of the population. The Western Pacific was the only Region in the number of new cases decreased.

“worrying, but not surprising,”

cause of the increase in Europe are, among other things, negligence and misinformation about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations, the report says. The person in charge of the WHO for vaccinations, Martin peace, said, “alleged experts” would talk about vaccinations without Evidence is bad. This affects the decision of parents. Peace cited the example of one of opponents inside and Impfgegnern in social networks, the widespread assertion of a connection between measles vaccinations and autism. It is particularly worrying that there are increasingly cases of measles in the countries in which the disease was gone for years.

What are the measles? Measles

measles include diseases to the virus. The pathogen is extremely sensitive to heat, light, and disinfectants. Is transferred to it by droplets – so when in contact with Infected. It is usually sufficient, in a room with a man to stop carrying the highly contagious Virus.

especially in developing countries, measles continues to be a large Problem. In Germany, the number of outbreaks has decreased significantly. Since the seventies there is a cheap and efficient vaccine against the pathogen. But it gets repeated to regional epidemics. Not eradicated the measles in spite of the efforts of the health authorities.


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