It is a dream for hackers and Criminals and a nightmare for the users: The mere visit of a web page enough to take an iPhone and install malicious software. The owner gets nothing. Exactly, the attack Software “Chaos”.

it originates from the Chinese security experts Qixun Zhao, explains in a Blog entry the Details of his Hacks. Thus, he succeeded in the autumn of, the safety measures of the Safari browser to overturn it by a pure Website and install it on the “Chaos” to Apple’s protection system Software. A user interaction is not necessary, you would hear of an attack nothing. Are affected accordingly, all iPhones and iPads with iOS 12.1.2. Also on the current models, iPhone, Xr, Xs, and Xs Max, the attack can be run.

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hiding New level of Ransomware hackers want to delete 200 million iPhones – if Apple pays a ransom Of Malte Mansholt Immediately!

The good news is that Qixun has informed Apple about the error, used as the gap was closed with the on Wednesday published Update to iOS 12.1.3 already. Who has not done it yet, you should so commit immediately the new System. This is also equal to a good 30 more gaps to be eliminated, which allowed, among other things, an attack on Apple’s video calling App Facetime.

to check whether your device is already up-to-date, open the settings, go to “General” and select “Software Update”. You will be offered no Update, the device should be safe. Otherwise, you should install the Update as soon as possible and also consider that in the same place offered the Option to automatic Updates turn on. Then the iPhone plays and gets System updates just after Appear automatically as soon as it is connected to the charging cable, and a Wi-Fi connection.

safety? Pah. A private iPhone for Twitter: How to Trump his security Team mad By Malte Mansholt risk Jailbreak

In the past Hacks such as “Chaos” by a lot of users have been longed for almost. Than the iPhone even offered less Features, allowed these so-called Jailbreaks (literally: prison outbreak), the Retrofit of the necessary functions. So the very first Apps and Features such as Copy and Paste, were submitted to the first Jailbreaks. Over the years, the Benefits decreased, however, drastically, because Apple nachreichte the most important functions itself or through Apps available. Today the Jailbreak for most of the users is no longer needed, and it is first and foremost a security risk.

source: Blog Post

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