The principle is simple: There are four color categories, which are assigned to certain foods. Green vegetables and fruits, beans and legumes. Starchy foods pink, fats, and proteins in blue, and food that have level, a low Nutrient, are red.

The diet expert Janet Thomson, who landed in the 1990s, a success with your slimming book, “Fat to Flat”, according to a new diet plan: eat according to colors. For you, it is essential that you eat a balanced diet. To facilitate this, allocates food to those color groups, from which one may operate as follows: every Day you are allowed up to eight servings from the green category food, three out of the pink, the blue, and you should never make use of the red category. Besides, to reward yourself for something, or treat yourself to something.

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Green food: fruit and vegetables

The need to not be weighed or measured. You can eat as much as you like. Only dried fruits should be avoided, they contain too much sugar. Thomson recommends to eat between seven and eight servings of fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes.

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Pink food: Starchy products.

Including bread, potatoes, Pasta and cereals will fall. You should not eat, according to Thomson more than one or two servings a day, even less if you want to lose weight. The diet expert recommends sour dough and white wheat bread as a healthier Alternative to choose bread and sweet potatoes, brown rice, Quinoa or Couscous.

blue food: fats and proteins

blue food are dairy products, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. You should incorporate a Serving per meal. Too much meat should be avoided anyway, and prefer fish or nuts.

Red food: alcohol and sugar

The diet plan of Thomson banished no food, however, one should not exaggerate the consumption of wine or Desserts.

olive, flax seed and coconut oil: nutrition expert explains Which Oil is healthy – and what you can forget about Fullscreen

olive oil

olive oil has a great advantage, explains nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm, it does not need to be heavily edited, because the Oil is already included in the Mature fruit flesh. Add to that a high Vitamin E content and the positive effects on the heart and circulation. “Because it is pressed in, as a rule, cold, it contains many bioactive substances, which act against inflammation and as a preventive measure against cancer. Responsible for the positive effect of the Mediterranean kitchen,” says the expert.

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eat according to the colors says sounds simple and understandable. But does it really make sense to eat according to the colors? The star has spoken with the nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm. She sees it divided in two: “This has little to do with colors, but rather with the food pyramid,” says the expert.

“is Good to eat as much vegetables as possible and as little Sugar and alcohol as it only goes. Acceptable with respect to the nutrition plan is also to make every meal protein in the Form of fish and meat nuts and dairy products.” Critically, however, the expert finds that three servings of grain or potatoes. It was too little, and corresponds to a rather Low Carb. “Overall, it is sure to be a way to boost self-perception and to eat better. Because you will automatically consume less biscuits, sweets and snacks and thus, lose weight.”


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