Each time that the television-trying to make a direct rally held this Thursday by Vox in the Fair of Valencia, the public around the press box what boicoteaba with whistles and boos. In the end, the presenter of the act had to temper the mood: “I ask you not to carguéis against the journalists who have joined us. They are not responsible for the editorial lines of their media.”

Also the party’s leader, Santiago Abascal, combined one of lime and two of sand (or the reverse). Went up to the rostrum afónico and elated by the outcome of the televised debate between the five contenders at The Moncloa on Monday. He said that the other parties “have panicked” by the rise of Vox in the polls, after which he could expose their positions in front of millions of spaniards, “no simultaneous translation and no manipulation” of the media. A few positions, he acknowledged, that not only were incontrovertible, but which were uncontested by the other candidates, who “now is pull the hair” for not having countered.


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in order To try to stop to Vox, according to Abascal, we would have launched a “coordinated and systematic” criminalisation of his party in which he would participate from the chairman-in-office Peter Sanchez to the PNV or the newspaper THE COUNTRY, with its “infamous ” editorial” on Wednesday; an editorial criticizing precisely what he had to recognise: that no one attempted to rebut their arguments in the debate of Monday.

Abascal justified the veto to the journalists of EL PAIS and the Cadena Ser and denied accreditation to attend the rally, taking away importance. “We don’t want to see or painting, we fall just as bad as us to them,” he said. And complained of the “corporatism of the media”, that have come out in defense of the right to freedom of information.

The leader of Vox came to hold the media to which I had just pointed out with the finger of the “permanent campaign of hatred and violence against Vox, in which he framed the aggression suffered in Sestao for the candidate of his party for Vizcaya Nerea Alzola. At this point, took the two sand: assured that their accusations were not directed against the journalists present in the act, the object of whistles and jeers by the audience, but against the “powers oligarchic” who run the media. “That’s why I ask respect for all the professionals,” he said, tempering the atmosphere that had just the warm-up.

On the penultimate day of the campaign, Vox met in Valencia to 5,800 supporters. They stayed empty for a quarter of the 7.600 chairs that had been placed; but, even so, attracted almost six times more public than met the leader of the PP, Paul Married, at the same time in Valencia. Vox already has three representatives in the Valencian Community, and aspires to double that number next Sunday.

Here are playing the card of anti-catalanism, which exploded to fund its head of list for Valencia, Ignacio Gil Lázaro, who accused Compromís, a member of the PSOE (socialist party) in the Generalitat and the city Hall of the capital to be “a real danger for the identity of the valencian people” and an “accomplice” of the president Catalan Quim Torra. Also Abascal referred to Compromís “fifth column of the pancatalnismo” and took the flag of protectionism to ensure that it does not admit the entry of a single orange moroccan while there is a valenciana for selling; perhaps the phrase most applauded of the night.

Against the will of all other parties to prevent a new political blockade, said that Vox never facilitate a Government of the PSOE. “And if it is necessary to repeat the elections [for the third time] what we will do,” he warned.


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