VTSIOM said the support of the Russians amendments to the Constitution

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about 80 percent of Russians believe support the amendments to the Constitution proposed by President Vladimir Putin. As follows from the data of the opinion poll, the greatest support for initiatives of a social nature.

So, for proposals to enshrine in the Constitution the mandatory regular indexation of pensions has a positive attitude, 91% of citizens. Initiative to fix the minimum wage not below the subsistence level was positively evaluated by 90 percent of respondents.

the Next level of support was the proposal to increase the residency requirement for presidential candidates from 10 to 25 years (87 numbers). The idea to endow the constitutional court with the function of checking of bills approved 81 percent of Russians.

Another 68 percent supported the initiative to ban foreign citizenship and residence permit in other countries to civil servants. The right of the President to appoint the heads of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors of regions approved 66 percent.

the Russians Also agreed to possible exclusion from the Constitution the words “consecutive” with regard to the terms of the President (66) and on the priority of the Russian Constitution over international treaties 63), gives the results of RBC.

in addition, 62 percent approved the extension of the powers of the Federation Council, and 61 percent supported the proposal to give the Duma the right to approve the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers. The survey was conducted on January 24 by phone, the sample was 1.6 thousand people.

How to change the Russian Constitution.

on 15 January the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly announced the amendment of the Constitution. In particular, it is suggested to establish the basic document the status of the State Council, as well as give the Duma the right to approve the candidate for Prime Minister.

Later there was created a working group to prepare amendments to the Constitution. Co-chair, was appointed the head of the constitutional Committee The Federation Council Andrey Klishas. It includes only 75 people from different fields, including writer Zakhar Prilepin, athlete Yelena Isinbayeva, pianist Denis Matsuev and others.

the Constitution, which was adopted in 1993, already has undergone changes. In 2008 the presidential term was increased from four to six years, and in 2014, abolished the Supreme arbitration court. Then in the Upper house of Parliament has included Federal representatives, appointed by the President.

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill earlier called to pray for something that the Constitution has been amended mention of God. He stressed that he would encourage “such a lofty idea” was present in the main law of the Russian Federation. According to the Patriarch, this will correspond to the beliefs of most Russians.

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