Just went in New York an exhibition to the end, which was so overrun that even some local art lovers get a Ticket. Of 6. March to 14. May the Brant Foundation Work of Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) shown a young man who has conquered in the 1980s, the art scene in the storm, in the world. More than 1000 paintings and 2000 drawings has created Basquiat from the late 1970s until his death, some in the wind. He was the first African-American artist who has succeeded in the almost exclusively white art world to the breakthrough.

the Americans Started with puerto Rican roots with a Form of Graffiti under the name SAMO, against the name as a graffiti artist, he has resisted, however, always. Finally, he wrote texts on the walls of houses and sprayte no icons on subways. Andy Warhol met him when he painted for little money on T-Shirts and you on the road to the sale offering. Warhol gave him occasionally a little money. That there were a total of only 40 dollars, Warhol learn until much later – as Basquiat him the money returned, and the two were already friends. So Andy Warhol is told in the book “Warhol on Basquiat,” which has just appeared in the TASCHEN.


“Warhol on Basquiat. To Iconic Relationship in Andy Warhol’s Words and Pictures” by Michael Dayton Hermann, and Reuel Golden TASCHEN, 320 pages, 50 Euro, here, can be ordered

One of the most exciting Art books ever, ever, ever

Basquiat almost his entire (adult has taken)life on drugs: Weed, smoked, snorted cocaine, and, after he had vagina of a hole in the wall of the nose, Heroin is injected. At the age of 27, he died, his extravagant use was a reason for it. Keith Haring said in “Remembering Basquiat” in 1998, in the “Vogue”: “When he died, it was immediately clear to me which scenario to serve had to get to him, with explanations in the handle: too much in too short a time, a discipline, loose-lust for life. It is the nature of the media beast, to simplify the Complex, that it is disfigured beyond recognition.“ A lot of literature about his private life there was not yet, the wonderful memoir by Jennifer Clement with the title of “Widow Basquiat” except times. With “Warhol on Basquiat,” there is now a new way of looking at the life and art of this brilliant artist – through the eyes of Andy Warhol. The friendship between the two was intense, productive, and from Warhol’s point of view, not always benevolent.

Andy Warhol was a meticulous documentary of his own life, wrote daily anecdotal memories and shot around a movie per day. The first shooting of Warhol from Basquiat, with the help of more than 300 pages strong tape bags-goes publishing, is from 4. October 1982. Warhol writes: “Below, in order to meet Bruno bischofberger. He brought in Jean-Michel Basquiat. He is the Kid that used the name “Samo” when he was still sitting on the sidewalk in Greenwich Village, and T-Shirts painted. I gave him 10 dollars and sent him up to Serendipity to try to sell his T-Shirts. He was one of those Kids that made me crazy.” (Bruno Bischofberger is a Swiss art dealer and gallerist who has, in the meantime, among other things, an extensive collection of photos of Andy Warhol. Serendipity III, is a famous New York Restaurant, which was founded in 1954, is in some ways the movie shows up and with fancy dishes in the Guinness book of world records is.)

More than 400 unpublished images

The photographs of Andy Warhol, the old-timers, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the wild shooting star, providing an insight into the art scene of the 80s, teeming with colorful characters just like that, Madonna on Keith Haring up to Julian Schnabel. Friendships, rivalry, love Affairs and great emotions, New York is the melting pot for Creative was. The English-language art book contains more than 400 previously unpublished images, which, thanks to the cooperation of the Andy Warhol Foundation and the estate administrators Basquiats result in a complex, highly exciting work. Warhol’s notes, in which he deals quite well against friends and colleagues or intimate Details of kiss and tell are so captivating, as it can be, if you browsed in a foreign journal. If everything is true what there is, fortunately, no longer check.


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