Western experts predicted a continuous fall of the ruble

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Largest Bank in Northern Europe Nordea Bank predicted that during the current year, the Euro can rise to 71 rubles, and in 2024 will exceed 80 rubles. As RIA Novosti reported, investors will be willing to get rid of risky assets.

the First quarter of this year will be quite calm. Nordea analysts predict that by April the Euro will drop to 65.9 rubles, and the dollar – 60.5 rubles. The reason for this trend experts see that the trade confrontation between China and the United States temporarily discontinued.

However, the second quarter is expected certain issues. In particular, the potential for renewed trade wars can have a direct impact in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. As a result, economic relations between the two countries could return to protectionism. According to the forecast Norde, in 2024, the year the dollar will cost 66 rubles, and Euro 80,5.

On the negative prospects of the ruble also said the international ratings Agency S&P. Experts believe that the conservative monetary policy of the Bank of Russia has resolved some of problems of the Russian economy remained, however, commodity dependence export earnings and quite unfavorable regulatory environment. Here experts attributed the long-term demographic challenges.

as a potential plan for the development of the Russian economy experts called the variant in which the government will fill the budget and to form cash reserve of the country, which will help in the crisis, but provokes the stagnation of the real sector and contraction in consumer demand. In addition, any potential shock will result in falling demand for Russian assets.

According to local economists, the forecasts of foreign colleagues too pessimistic and due to the expectation of a slowdown in the global economy as a whole. However, as pointed out by the Ministry of economic development, in 2019, the Russian economy expanded 1.4 percent, lower than a year earlier.

Benefit from thpromotion of projects at the same time, yet not obvious. This will be judged by the results of the 2024 and 2024 years. At the same time, there are certain factors to support the ruble, in whom is the President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Vitaly Mankevich took the pressure reduction in the price of oil, positive annual reports of the Russian stock market and the stabilization of the situation on the coronavirus.

on Monday, February 3, the dollar for the first time since December 4, 2019 exceeded 64 rubles. Analysts have recorded a rise in the value of dollar at the level of 0.15 per cent to the index, which is established by the closing of the previous trading session.

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