What a life hack was used by the soldiers-Afghans, not to clean the weapon

Weapons 19/02/20 What a life hack was used by the soldiers-Afghans, not to clean the guns

Russian human nature to find unusual use of a lot of things. This native national wit is particularly evident in difficult conditions when you have to “get out” and to do with what we have. Rubber product № 2 cunning on an invention of Russians, Ukrainians and representatives of other peoples of the former USSR find and find dozens of options for unexpected applications.

Tourists and hunters in the condoms hiding the matches and do everything he can outdoors to dry. In the absence of the jar put the condom in a sock and fill with water. But Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan, pulled the “gum” on the barrels of guns and other small arms. For what purpose this was done becomes clear when studying some historical facts.

Controversial Blue division

life Hack called “condom on the barrel of a gun” came up, despite all their resourcefulness and ingenuity, not the Soviet soldiers. Initially, the idea of such a non-traditional use of the condom belonged to the soldiers of the 250th division of the Wehrmacht. There were the Spaniards — all completely hot macho, no personal protective equipment is not going over the threshold of the house.

For wearing shirts light blue 250th division was called “Blue”. Hitler admired the Spanish mercenaries, who behaved in a battle with such fury, as if they devil is not your brother. The Spaniards Purley fearlessly on the enemy in any conditions, and it is here that problems were encountered.

At river crossings and in wetland areas in gun barrels often got water and mud. The valiant soldiers of the 250th impressed not only courage, but a lack of discipline, recklessness. Their low level of discipline even forced once to Hitler to complain to the Spanish Generalissimo Francisco Franco that his fighters aren’t clean machines.

How to save the weapons in extremely conditions

the Spaniards do not clean the weapon. What was the reason for such strange behavior — the peculiarities of national character or military habits taken separately military forces — history is silent. However, the Spaniards didn’t bring their rifles to a sorry state.

on the Contrary, they have invented a way to protect the weapons against ingress of water and dirt. It was enough to print a pack of condoms and put one of them on the barrel of the machine. Rubber, though thin, but weapon defends well.

Later, this method began to use Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan. In a sandy terrain rubber products № 2 perfectly defended AK from dust, sand and even small pebbles that were trying to get into the trunk.

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