What Abakumov was put in a GULAG actress Tatyana Okunevskaya

Biography 17/02/20 what Abakumov was put in a GULAG actress Tatiana Okunevskaya

Tatyana okunevskaya was reputed to be one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet Union. She courted many prominent political and military figures of the time. But the role never looked at the title and ranks. If the gentleman behaved casually, the actress could flare up. And once she slapped the Minister of state security Abakumov, which was subsequently paid.

film Debut

Tatiana Kirillovna okunevskaya was born in 1914 in the Tver region. At first the girl did not think about an acting career. However, it is the movie set her up with her future husband and actor Dmitry Varlamov. The couple had a daughter. But the marriage did not work out. Soon Tatiana is gone from shiftless husband, who, among other things, began to dismiss his hands.

But the black stripe in the life of the actress turned suddenly white. It was after the breakup with Varlamov in 1934, the role made his film debut in the film by Mikhail Romm “Chunk”, and in 1935 played a major role in the film “Hot denechki”.

his father – the enemy of the people

in 1937, In the actress’s life came the terrible day, however, as for many Soviet citizens. Father Okunevskaya was arrested and shot. From the theater, which then served as Tatyana Kirillovna, she was asked. Perhaps it is in order to solve the loss of a place of work financial difficulties, she married writer Boris Gorbatov. Although the marriage subsequently broke up, life Okunev slowly adjusted.

it should be noted that, despite the stigma of the daughter of the enemy of the people, a striking woman enjoyed great popularity among the senior men, and could choose any of them. In different periods of life of the Okunev were fascinated and the people’s Commissar of the NKVD Lavrenty Beria, the leader of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. But the most fatal for the actress was the meeting with the Minister of state security of Victoram Abakumov.

10 years in the camps

According to some, Tatyana okunevskaya was found with Abakumov, one of the tricks. The Minister drank too much and began pestering beauty. But okunevskaya arrogance could not stand and slapped the hapless knight in the face. Maybe she does not know who is in front of it, and, maybe, on the contrary, knew and was well aware of what he’s doing. In General, in 1948 okunevskaya was arrested. She was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda. More than a year she spent in prison. After a series of interrogations Tatiana Kirillovna brought to Washington. He again tried to caress the actress, but received a second slap. Immediately after the antics of the Okunev was given 10 years and sent to a camp in Kazakhstan.

Being in the Gulag, the actress has repeatedly been on the verge of life and death, but nevertheless she was able not only to survive, but to save a human feelings. Okunevskaya even in the harsh camp conditions were able to fall in love with one of the prisoners. Of course, this love was Platonic, but still. Unfortunately, the beloved Tatiana Kirillovna died. And the role after serving his term, returned home.

Despite the fact that her much experienced, to the end of his days, the actress tried to keep fit. She still had the romance, and even marriage. She died in 2002 at the age of 88 years. Many events of her life are known only through the stories of the Role that is why neither confirm nor deny her words is not possible.

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