What battles the Red army fought on English tanks

Weapons 04/02/20 In any battles the Red army fought on English tanks

In the Soviet Union on the supply of allied lend-lease was made to speak and write in a dismissive tone. It was emphasized that the quantities were small in comparison with our own production in the USSR. The quality of evidence provided data on the types of products that have not played a significant role in the background that was produced by Soviet industry.

the Most appropriate example was the tanks. They really had obtained from the allies a bit. Despite the fact that in late 1941 and in 1942, when its own production of tanks in the Soviet Union was at a very low level, British tanks played an important role. As for the supply of American tanks for the red army in that period were much more important than four-wheel drive trucks that the American people ensured the Soviet motorized infantry, and armored personnel carriers, which the USSR did not produce. Despite the fact that the British and American tanks arrived in our country not so much, most of the major operations they have participated.

for the First time in a large number of British tanks appeared in the Battle of Moscow. In the attack on Mozhaisk direction attended the 136th independent tank battalion, which in addition to Soviet tanks were a dozen English: nine tanks “Valentine” and three tanks, “Matilda”.

had British tanks and the advantages and disadvantages. The frontal armor of “Matilda” was almost 80 mm and protection roughly equivalent to the Soviet KV: German anti-tank guns did not come. And its KV then in the red army lacked of Leningrad in blockade, and in the Urals, the production only was adjusted. Gun “Matilda”, though weak, but the armor of all German tanks had broken through. Worst of all was the fact that “Matilda” was absolutely not adapted to the conditions of the Russian winter and the thaw. But easier and speed “Valentine” Soviet tankers loved. It was used until the end of the war, despite the fact that most of the British army, these tanks were not used in 1944. “Valentine” in addition to armored and mechanized brigades were armed with almost all the cavalry corps and motorcycle battalions and regiments.

In 1942, British tanks participated in practically all operations on the fronts. According to the “Report on the use of British tanks on the fronts of world war II 17 APR 1943”, during 1942-1943, the tanks were used mainly on the Western, Bryansk and North Caucasian fronts. British tanks were of three tank corps (9, 10 and 11) together with the Soviet. And 5th mechanized corps were equipped with only British cars.

most British and American tanks were in the Caucasus – up to 70% of the total. It is easy to explain, because the main route of delivery was the “Persian corridor” through which Iran has brought just in the Caucasus. As part of the North Caucasus front fighting the 5th guards tank brigade, which in addition to the three types of Soviet cars were two types of British tanks and three American. In the counteroffensive at Stalingrad was attended by two regiments of the British heavy tanks “Churchill”.

In the famous sea landing near Novorossiysk was used and tanks. It was 30 American tanks “Stuart” from 563-th separate tank battalion.

In the battle of Kursk, one tank regiment and one brigade consisted of British tanks “Matilda” and “Valentine”, a four-tank regiment was equipped with American tanks “Stuart” and “Grant” in the red army which had the name of Mzl (l – light) and 6 FHI (C – average). Directly to the battle of Prokhorovka was fought two regiments of British tanks “Churchill”.

There are a lot of photos where the people of Kiev in the streets welcoming their liberators, throwing flowers, the tanks “Churchill”. These tanks took part in the full lifting of the Blockade Leningrad.

American tanks “Siewert” and “Grant” didn’t like the Soviet leadership was not popular with the tankers. In many Soviet sources indicate that “Grants” received the nickname “Fraternal grave for seven”. However, such a sad name had all the tanks, only the number at the end changed. But introduced in 1944, the American “Sherman” that the red army received the name М4с, was used more readily and in large quantities.

In the operation “Bagration” the main striking force was the 5th guards tank army, which included 64 of the American “Sherman” and 39 English “Valentine”. And 3rd guards mechanized corps of the same front is almost entirely composed of “Sherman” (besides them, there were 70 “Valentine” and 16 T-34).

Crossed the Oder and take Berlin 1st mechanized corps with tanks “Sherman” and “Valentine”. A similar composition was the 8th guards mechanized corps of the 2nd Belarusian front and the 9th guards mechanized corps, liberated Vienna. Not surprisingly, many photos 1945 you can see the tanks “Sherman” with red stars on the sides.

After the battles at lake Balaton, the liberation of Budapest and of Vienna of the 9th mechanized corps had left all their equipment and departed to the far East. There the Soviet tank crews received 183 new, “Sherman”, arrived from the USA. Tanks corps overcame the greater Khingan range and ended the war at Port Arthur. Although the supply of English and American tanks were small, about ten thousand cars, but to meet them on almost all fronts.

Cyril Shishkin

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