What did the Soviet Union, to prevent an American to land on the moon

History 27/02/20 NASAЧто did the Soviet Union, to prevent an American to land on the moon

In January 1969, the CIA received information from informants from Moscow that the Soviet Union is preparing a special operation to disrupt the flight of American astronauts on the moon. Tips allegedly intend using powerful generators of electromagnetic radiation to cause interference to the onboard electronic equipment of spacecraft “Apollo” during its take-off and lead him to disaster. President Richard Nixon gave the order about carrying out a top secret operation “Crossroads” to prevent any suspicious activity of Soviet ships off the coast of the United States during the start of “Apollo.”

At the time of the “moon race” was nearing its climax, and it was obvious that the victory goes to US. In December 1968, triumphal flight around the moon made by F. Bormann, John. Lovell, and W. Anders “Apollo-8”. In may 1969, T. Stafford, J. Yang and Yu Cernan with “Apollo-10” several times circled the moon, having fulfilled all stages of undocking and docking, descent and ascent of the lunar module, but landing on the moon and takeoff from it. While in the USSR about any launch into space was announced only ex post facto, the Americans in advance appointed days of the start of their ships, inviting the press and television from around the world. Therefore, everyone knew that on July 16, 1969, is scheduled to launch from the spaceport Kennedy. Kennedy’s “Apollo 11”, which will fly to the moon.

the Soviet lunar program was hopelessly behind. When the “Apollo-8” circled the moon, the Soviet Union was only preparing the ship for this flight, and spacecraft for landing on the moon was not at all. After the successful flight of the Americans around the moon, the Soviet leadership decided to abandon manned flight around the moon, which now could not have a large effect. But the US administration was not convinced that the USSR decided to just give up without a fight in the “moon race”, and expect notgo to any “dirty tricks” to prevent the Americans from triumph to win it. After all, the US landing on the moon became the fixed idea of national prestige on all the 1960-ies.

At the time of the Soviet electronic intelligence ships plied the oceans and perehvatyvaet signals NATO, disguised as fishing trawlers. This trick was already known to NATO, and those, in turn, constantly monitored the movement of these “fishing fleets” under the red flag. In early 1969, it was noted increased activity of the Soviet Navy near American shores. There is now constantly on duty two Soviet ship of RER, and in may 1969, during the flight of “Apollo-10”, for four. “For good reason” – decided in the American intelligence services. At the time of the mission “Apollo 11” in July, planned a large-scale counter-measures possible “Russian intrigues”.

U.S. intelligence agencies believed (or pretended to believe) that a strong electromagnetic pulse aimed at a flying missile that can cause irreparable failure of its equipment and, ultimately, its a disaster. Theoretically it seems possible, although practical experiments of this kind, no one to hold (more precisely – one of them were not reported). By the appointed day takeoff – July 16 – the U.S. Navy ships and aircraft of the Coast guard was brought into a state of combat readiness. In the area of Cape Canaveral was on duty seven American submarines. American ships electronic warfare had, in addition to continuous monitoring of the activities of the Soviet ships to deliver powerful interference to them at different frequencies. Military ships and aircraft were ordered to open fire if Soviet ships will be based on suspicious activity. President Nixon had a prepared a draft Directive on the application against the Soviet Union strategic nuclear forces. He had to sign it if “Apollo 11” was wrecked due to the use of Tips of the electromagnetic superweapon.

Measures Americans did not seem excessive. Declared day off the coast of Florida “fish” for seven Soviet “trawlers”!

so, the launch of “Apollo” was scheduled for 8: 32 a.m. in the morning time-Atlantic States of the USA. At exactly 8 a.m. the American radar recorded the inclusion of radar equipment on the Soviet courts at full capacity. At 8:05 from Washington received orders the 2nd fleet to bring in full readiness of all combat systems. At 8:10 American electronic warfare aircraft “Orion” began circling the Soviet ships, and warships began a rapprochement with the “Seiners” to be ready at any moment to open fire.

At 8:20 began intensive jamming equipment of Soviet ships by jamming. With 8:32 to 8:41 two steps “Saturn 5” has successfully brought a third step, together with the ship “Apollo-11”, into orbit. 8:45 of the Soviet court has reduced the level of your radar activity to normal. Two minutes later the American services of the REB has received the all-clear signal. 8:50 American ships and planes began to leave the scene.

as details of the Soviet operations classified until now, no one can tell what it was. After all, Soviet ships RER showed in this time of increased activity! If it wasn’t an attempt to divert “Apollo”, what could it be? Push two versions.

According to one, the court of the Soviet electronic intelligence collected information about the flight of “Apollo” with the aim to establish whether he went into space (it is possible that conspiracy theories about the possibility of staging the us flight, so popular today, was born already!). According to another, the Soviet Union deliberately imitated their activity, to make Americans once again pulled. Twitching, by the way, expensive cost to US budget: costs for the operation “Crossroads” made 230 million dollars of the then – nearly 1% of the total cost of the Apollo program. Sometimes to add that in, and information about upcoming Tips specopthe centres against Apollo was a master of misinformation, specially commissioned from Moscow. So it remains anyone’s guess.

Yaroslav Butakov

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