they grow up so fast! At the age of six (sometimes even seven) years, the Serious side of life begins for all children: Already shortly after the summer holidays, the first graders in their schools to be taken solemnly in the reception. At the Start of the new school life, it is traditional to present the young students a school bag take on this task in the rule of their parents. In it are hidden sweets as well as school utensils (including pencils, eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener). For the other family members or friends, the question is: What do you get to school? We provide you with 15 ideas.

1. Breakfast Board for first graders

In school, children reading, writing, and mathematics. So you can also practice at home diligently, we recommend you this classic Breakfast Board made of beech, the big one is engraved. So School will have the opportunity to combine the Practical with the Useful and learn when eating in a playful way, with a Pay deal.
The Board you can find for example here.

2. Elementary school dictionary from A to Z

children are naturally inquisitive and that is a good thing. In school, they are faced with many issues, the new interests will Wake up. To quench your thirst for knowledge, a basic school dictionary. In it, pupils of the 1 find. up to 4. Class everything you need for your homework, in the Form of texts, illustrations and photos. In addition, the lexicon contains special pages to the subjects of German and mathematics. So makes reading fun!
The lexicon, there are, for example here.

3. Lamy incl. Engraving

He holders a classic fountain Pen: the Lamy. Many children have learned with this filler, the Writing of the narrow filler sits comfortably in the Hand and helps first graders to practice their first words. In this model, you even have the option to leave a text on the wooden handle engraved. No matter whether you decide for the child’s name, or something else, the Lamy is a pen and remains a beautiful and practical gift for school beginners.
The filler there is here.

4. Rubber Twister

Have you played with the rubber Twister in the schoolyard? The hopscotch-classic offers endless possibilities for kids, in the breaks of being able to exercise. And the Best part is: You always need several people to Twist, so that first-graders are faster to find new playmates. In this Set there is also a 72-page book including step-by-step instructions, suitable for beginners as well as Advanced. Fun for school children!
The Set there, for example here.

5. ABC-duel

school children should learn, and best to Write in a playful manner. With the ABC’s duel, for example, the Alphabet, is trained using a number of game figures and cards. Together with the witch Ux and the wizard Pim the vocabulary to be promoted as well as the concentration of first-graders (six years): the objective of the game is to find a term under the magic word cards that match with the searched letters.
The ABC’s duel, for example, there are here.

6. Children’s alarm clock

Even if you will awaken your child in the first school year in the Morning, is it quite reasonable to use an alarm clock. To a, so that it can learn the time and understand – and on the other, and later independently, to stand up. So that your child can get used to getting Up early and the alarm clock, he should better not loud ticking. This model is not ticking at all, for example:
The alarm clock for example, there are here.

7. School bags-kratzel book

kids love to scribble and kratzeln – and that is exactly what this book is designed to be: Here there are not enough free page to the first impressions of the Enrollment and decorate it with colorful stickers or to decorate. An additional eight pages can be gekratzelt with the supplied pin, to find out what is hidden under the black color. A very special kratzel fun for first graders!
The book is here.

8. Ruler to Build

The largest toy manufacturer in the world, has also for the school children so much in store. Suitable for Training, there is from Lego a ruler to Build, according to taste – either 15 or 30 inches long. In addition to the fun on the along the ruler has to build a practical Use and can be used for figures such as an ordinary ruler of children from the age of six in school.
The ruler there is for example here.

9. To increase children’s songs for the school at the beginning of

To the anticipation of the first class, have Simone Sommerland, Karsten luck, and the Kita-frogs, the 30 most beautiful songs for the beginning of school recorded. Of a song on the way to school a song to Count, Write and read to a song about the Ratzefummel all the topics that are in school are relevant. A funny feast for the ears with earworm guarantee for Big and Small!
The CD, for example here.

10. Children’s umbrella with Reflectors

On gray days, it is for children especially important that you be seen by other road users. Possible the use of small Reflectors, which are attached for example to the clothing. When it rains, on the other hand is a small umbrella is the best choice, which is also equipped with highly reflective strips. This model is 188 grams very light and small so it fits in any school bag. With its eye-catching colors, it provides for more safety on the way to school.
The screen for example, there are here.

11. Children’s chalk Board

A chalk Board can be used in many ways: to Write and to Count, to Paint and Write. As in the school, have children at home the opportunity to practice on the blackboard – or to scribble just a bit. In any case, you save significantly more paper (including a paper roll a is), if your school child is a good go to the chalk Board and not on the Block. On the back, however, there is an additional magnetic panel, to the practiced, and can be played.
The Board, for example, there are here.
The magnets, click here.
The chalk, there is for example here.

12. Reminder album for back to School

most of The children don’t know each other before they go to school and learn the 1. Class right know. In order to facilitate the first contact, a memory album as a gift idea: the purpose is that your child, the book gives each of his classmates, presenting on one page – from your name about your favorite subject to Hobbies. Later your child to the contents of the erf can repent and make a new friend.
The book is here.

13. Kids Tablet

In contrast to “normal” Tablets, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is particularly robust – this is possible due to the thickness of the shell. As a result, the Mini-computers for the case, that he should even fall down. The children’s tablet is that you can set in advance what and how long your child can play with it. On the device a media library is also located in the popular games, learning Apps, Videos, books, and radio plays for children are listed.
The Tablet is there, for example here.

14. The start of school with Astrid Lindgren

they are the heroes of our Childhood: Pippi Longstocking and Emil from Lönneberga comes from the pen of Astrid Lindgren. Although the stories of the two main characters already in the middle of the 20th century. Century were written down, they count even today to the most popular children’s stories. Above all, the films are particularly entertaining. In this DVD, three of the adventure are combined for the start of School: “When Michel came to school”, “Pippi learns Plutimikation” and “Peter & Petra (part 1 & 2)”.
The DVD you will find for example here.

15. FlikFlak: The Swiss children’s watch

you Know, Flik and Flak? Since 1987, the popular kids made watches and have helped since then, millions of children learning the time to read. In contrast to other manufacturers, FlikFlak watches are based on a learning concept: Flik of the blue hands, he takes care of the minutes. With his little sister Flak he plays catch all day in a clockwise direction, even if he can only move every 60 seconds a step in the same direction.
The watch for girls you get here.
The clock for you guys to get here.

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