Among many games in the casino, we can see that slot machines are one of the most popular. Some of the biggest land-based casinos, like those in Las Vegas, have more than 2,000 machines on average. The record is being held by a Red Rock Casino, where you can play all kinds of slot games on 2,860 machines. On the other side, there is an expansion of online casinos, and these online platforms became even more popular than traditional land-based ones in recent years. The main reason for that is availability since you don’t have to travel anywhere since you can download an app and gamble whenever you want on your smartphone.

When it comes to slot machines, there are multiple versions of slot games with different features and odds. Also, one of the most attractive things related to pokies is jackpots, that in some cases, can be measured in millions of dollars. The biggest jackpot prize was around $40 million. While there are many types of slot games, we can see that progressive slots represent one of the most common options for players. You can check if you are interested in spinning the reels on some online platform.

Moreover, you should know that chances to win a huge jackpot price are very low. However, progressive jackpots have an interesting system, and there are some lower types of jackpots with much better chances for a win. Also, these prizes are linked to only one machine, which provides an even bigger chance to win. In this article, we are going to analyze more about progressive jackpots, possible strategies, odds, and other important things.

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Progressive Jackpots Can Put the Odds in the Players’ Favor

The main difference between classic and progressive slot machines is that a progressive one will calculate the amount that it took from players and start giving back more over time. However, there is no particular method for determining when is the right time to start playing that kind of a slot or raise your bets. On the other hand, unlike standard slot game, this one will have more chances for a win if you play it for a longer period. That is the main reason why some gamblers are forming groups and play all together until they win the progressive jackpot. You should be careful if you choose this strategy because some casinos have a policy that forbids people from playing as a group, and they might ban you from playing there ever again.

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Odds Are Lower Than With Classic Slots

When it comes to RTP, which is around 95% on standard slot machines, we are not sure about the payback percentage on progressive slots. Most people think that the return percentage is much lower, and that is backed-up by the experience of many gamblers. However, we are not surprised if a casino decides to lower the RTP on progressive slot machines, because giving the same payback chance like on other slots will surely create great losses to every company that holds this type of machines. Therefore, you should know that the payback rate will become lower with a higher jackpot amount.

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You Have to Play With Maximum Bet

There are some types of machines that are not looking at the amount of your bet, and where the Jackpot is completely random. However, when it comes to progressive jackpots, most of them require players to bet with the highest possible amounts. The reason for that is that there are much bigger chances for a progressive jackpot to be won than a standard one that is on a level of a whole casino or a whole chain of casinos. The best example is video poker, where the machine is only counting the max bet for a calculation of jackpot. Also, if you are ready to play with big hands, max bet will provide you with a chance to win a lot of money from other methods in the game, like collecting special symbols, winning on lines, and more.

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Best Progressive Jackpots

There are thousands of types of slot machines, and most of them share the same features, and the only difference is in the gameplay, graphics, and sound. Based on the experience of players from the whole world, some of the best progressive slots are:

  • Wheel of Fortune Slots; This game is one of the most popular in both online and land-based casinos. Available bets are 25 cents, 1$, and 5$ per line. However, if you want to chase the jackpot, you will have to play with at least 2$ per spin. In most cases, the amount of jackpot that was won is over $1 million.
  • Sex and the City Slots; Besides being based on a popular TV series and having an enjoyable interface, graphics, and sound, the main reason for such a popularity of this progressive pokie is a great chance to win amazing jackpot prizes. There is a possibility to play on 4 different reels, and you can choose a bet between 50cents and 2 dollars.
  • Powerbucks; The main feature of Powerbucks is a connection between many machines in different casinos. The biggest jackpot was around $1.35 million.
  • Megabucks; Megabucks is known as a progressive slot with the highest jackpot prizes. After the jackpot was given, this machine starts counting from $10 million for a new one. When we calculate all jackpots that people won on Megabucks in the last 30 years, we get the result of over $1.5 billion.
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There are both advantages and downsides when it comes to this sort of slot machine. If you like to play slots more often, then choosing this type represents the best option because there is a chance to win some amazing prize. On the other hand, you have to be aware of the fact that progressive slots are even more addictive than standard ones, and you should pay attention to the amount of money you lost and set your limits. Even though your chances to win a jackpot are higher, you should know that a probability that you will hit some huge winning is still very low.