What is the world record set by brother-in-law of Brezhnev

Biography 24/02/20 What is the world record set by brother-in-law of Brezhnev

it is Known that Galina L. Brezhnev, the daughter of the most titled of the Secretary General at the peak of his father’s power was surrounded by handsome men and status. Artists, athletes, top the crooks and one General. Among others, this glorious cohort wormed and world record holder. His name was Eugene T. Milev.

way of Life. Winding and bumpy

Future luminary power gymnastics was born on 7 Mar 1910 in Tbilisi. From early childhood, Jack showed inclination towards sports, though the most different kinds: successfully engaged and Boxing, and wrestling, and gymnastics, and Jogging. But especially good to him were tumbling – so much so that the boy even predicted a great future in this direction. However, the classic sport is very quickly bored with the young talent, so workshops, and even more world and Olympic heights on any of the types could not be reached. I wanted something new, unusual and special. However, for many years it was unclear what.
Only in 1928, after reaching adulthood, milaev, were sturdy and versatile sports facilities, with ease and with a gleam entered the Rostov circus, where he began to surprise the audience at first elements on the rings. However, the gymnastics career under the dome did not last long: in less than two years, had to become acrobats. And after four years in the artists tent “generalist”. And another three in the “white clown”. And in all these directions milieu invariably on the second or third cast, even in provincial circuses.
it is Clear that with such a vast range of interests with a legend and a star will not. To truly astound, delight and amaze, you need to focus on one thing. A maximum of two or three directions, but which succeed best. By early 1940-ies of the artist, whose age has already crossed 30, failed to achieve anything substantial in the profession. But finally managed to find a niche and mine, which was subsequently brought to Eugene T. all-Union fame.
during the 1930s-1940s years Milev performed in various Belarusian tent, each time adding to the rooms more equilibristics elements. The growing interest of the public wound up and motivated to improve it is for coordination and lines of force. In 1943, was designed to later become the legendary and unique room “Balancer on a double flight of stairs”.
the Essence of the trick was that the E. T. in the supine position was upright with legs to hold the 9-meter high double stairs, on which the partners would perform various acrobatic elements. The exercise is extremely risky and requires incredible physical condition, and therefore it had to be prepared very long and hard. More than seven years, the trick was only in my thoughts. But in 1951, managed to do. At that time, milaev significantly, while not only acting in a purely professional, but on muscle mass. It weighs about 120 pounds, and without excess fat.
the success of the room was deafening. Almost immediately followed by touring not only throughout the USSR but also in various countries of Asia, Europe and even America. To this day achievement remains unsurpassed.
the Record made an impression on viewers around the world, but not on the Soviet leadership. Milaeva, despite his tremendous accomplishment, was not even awarded the title of Honored artist. And to carry the newfound circus genius in the capital of the Belarusian tent is also not in a hurry. Not to wallow in the depths and on, had to get influential personal relationships. There’s a charm to help the.

the Strength of masculine charm. Kinship and cronyism

Evgeny Timofeevich from early youth has received a high attentiontion on the part of the fair sex, and understandably so: tall and strong young man was hard to ignore. To Galina Leonidovna circus performer twice managed to tie the knot hymen – and to this marriage were born a daughter Natalia and son Alexander. Both the moment of acquaintance with the “Soviet Princess” was only for 4 years.
Crossed the 23-year-old Galina and 41-year-old Eugene in 1951 in Kishinev, shortly before the triumphant execution of the world record. Then milaev performed at the circus in the form of “the White clown”: entertained the audience by shooting in the air from firecrackers. In the midst of a performance he noticed a bored girl, and it was a daughter, the future Secretary-General, and shot right over her head. Galina was scared, and the hall exploded with laughter, and loudest of all laughed Leonid Brezhnev.
Milaeva quickly managed to make friends with the influential family. At first, Leonid Brezhnev and his wife Victoria Petrovna was against the relationship with the daughter, as it seemed to them, an elderly artist. But in 1952 were still married. And two years after that, Eugene T. has assigned a long-awaited title of Honored artist of the Byelorussian SSR.
more and more. By 1959, he was granted the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR becomes the head of the Belarusian circus collective. Then one after another followed by the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR, people’s artist of USSR, holder of various awards and medals – and even a Hero of Socialist Labor: the latter has been attributed to the circus literally in a few cases. And from 1978 until his death in 1983, he headed the Moscow circus on the Lenin hills.
Though Brezhnev and milieu divorced after 10 years of marriage – however, well without their close relationship would not have been getting brilliant equilibrist “in the cage”. Probably Evgeny Timofeevich, not poradniki it in his time with Brezhnevite, I would have had to impress the world audience with unprecedented numbers, and work in provincial traveling circuses and not having any problems.x regalia.

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