This July 16, 2018, the French cheering welcome as it should be Didier Deschamps and his players who brandish the world cup, raflée 24 hours earlier in Russia, after a game suffocating against Croatia. Nestled on the roof of a bus, the Blues strut, sing, take selfies with the precious trophy, the crowd in the background. But a short time after the descent of the car, it is the stupor. The sculpture in gold has disappeared, the nose and the beard of the officials of the French football Federation (FFF).

” I have seen it in the suitcase in aluminium leaving the hotel Marigny, after I do not know what became of it “, explained in September, Philippe Tournon, press officer of the team of France. This latter had even his idea of the culprit : “It is Benalla, which is the trimballait. “

touring friends

In a long article published on Friday, 28 December, The World confirms the doubts of Philippe Tournon. It is the former advisor Emmanuel Macron, since fallen into disgrace, who has cornered for several days, the precious cup to make the cock in front of his loved ones. “He shows it to his friends of the Elysée palace, laying proudly on the office of the commander Jean-Yves Hunault, offers Laurent Simonin, another spawning of “prefs”, to admire it in its turn “, develops the daily.

This joke is also one of the last of Alexander Benalla as a responsible public and private security Emmanuel Macron. The cup between his hands, the 26 year old young man prevents his entourage : his “going out” in the next few hours. More than five months have passed and the name of Benalla still appears in the headlines and on the headbands of the chain of continuous information. He is accused, according to Mediapart, to have used a diplomatic passport during a trip to Chad. Another object Alexander Benalla should not have been in his possession.

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