After a new success at the club world Cup with Real Madrid in the face of the club to saudi Alain (4-1) at Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi (united arab Emirates), Karim Benzema took advantage of a few days of rest during the truce Spanish. So far, the French striker was not idle. Currently on vacation in Miami, the attacker merengue has posted a video on the social networks in which he trains at the gym with the rapper Booba, which is very close. In this clip, French goes on the exercises of CrossFit and puts on the same gloves to the sides of the ” Duke of Boulogne “. The attacker appears, more than ever, sharp, in top form, and number of internet users have also not failed to point out in the comments of the publication. A post that has nothing trivial, since it comes at a time when the rapper of the 92 comes to offer publicly Kaaris, his great rival, to arrange a real boxing match to settle their disputes. This is called having the sense of timing.

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A fight, “no referee, no rules,”

Since their chance meeting at the Orly airport during the summer of 2018, which resulted in a fight general, Booba and Kaaris have continued to inveigh against, on the social networks. The two men would now see you in April in the U Arena to ” bury the hatchet “. The program, a bout of thai boxing or boxing 10 rounds. “I’m ready to take it on a ring in thai boxing or boxing 10 rounds. Boxing gloves or MMA choice. I’m sure you can fill in Bercy fingers in the nose. (…) I am very serious ! Two months of preparation and here we go. Fans Kaaris, have him pass the message and write to him on his page. It is time to bury the hatchet. Kaaris, the choice is in your hands “, had launched it on the social networks.

And the response by Kaaris has not made wait. In a video posted on Instagram, the rapper from Sevran has assured to be more than a runner. Kaaris has proposed a confrontation in ” an octagon without a referee, without any rules “. “I will break the os. Not come to twelve this time, without Jackie Chan and the guys Eurodisney, ” he explained between two amiability. “I accept gladly. Now, we are waiting all of the time and place, ” concluded Booba. On the post published by B2O in the day, this fight was scheduled for April 20, next to the U-Arena, with 40 000 seats, with a tickets go on sale from 25 February. The rapper of Boulogne has even offered to donate the profits of this fight, except to an association. But the two men have not yet booked the venue. Following their confrontation in a hall of the airport of Orly, the two rappers were sentenced in October last year to eighteen months of prison with suspended sentence for having started this fight in general. This verdict of the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil does not appear to have calmed the ardor of the two rappers, who will provide cover during a fight official in spring next year.


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