When the US and USSR almost started a Third world

History 10/03/20 When the US and USSR almost started a Third world

11 Aug 1984 Ronald Reagan in a radio address to Americans are suddenly declared ” My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to announce today that it has signed a decree declaring Russia outlawed forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.”
This was not the only time, when the world was on the verge of the Third world.

Flight powers

on may 1, 1960, Francis powers, the American pilot and CIA agent did the usual reconnaissance flight. His goal was photographing industrial and military targets in the Soviet Union, as well as the recording of signals of radar stations. There were no signs of trouble. It was not the first such flight for powers, but on Labor Day, Soviet border guards did not yawn. The plane powers was released for 8 missiles, one of which was shot down by Soviet aircraft, started to intercept an American spy. At an altitude of ten kilometres powers ejected and descended safely to earth, where he was captured by vigilant locals. Eisenhower learned of the incident, said that the plane was lost during the execution of meteorological tasks, but special equipment powers, as the testimony showed the absurdity of the statements of the President of the United States. The decision of the court of the American spy sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, 2 years Powers exchanged for Rudolf Abel. The incident with the Powers seriously complicated the relations of the countries-participants of the Cold war and hastened the advent of the Berlin and Caribbean crises.

Cuban missile crisis

With the Cuban missile crisis history is known. The Soviet people and the Cuban – brothers forever. Our missiles in Cuba have a very strained American. According to official Soviet reports, the Yankees started the first: the US had placed in Turkey medium-range missiles “Jupiter”, which is quite a real threat as industrial centres and the capital of the USSR. Almost two months the world was on the brink of war, but war, war reconnaissance aircraft did not stop during the “crisis”. Let the world: the USSR removed the missiles from Cuba, the United States lifted the blockade and promised not to show aggression against the “country of Fidel”.

“Bug” system

9 November 1979 in the United States sounded the alarm, after discovering the massive missile launch from the territory of the enemy, were ordered to prepare for immediate retaliation. Began to fly interceptor aircraft, even the presidential plane was prepared for evacuation of the first persons of the state. The alarm lasted six minutes – it turned out that by mistake inserted in the computer complex Cheyenne film from the training task.

Note that this episode was not the only case of “glitch” system. Nuclear war was closer than we can imagine.

the Case of the Korean Boeing

September 1, 1983 in the sky over Sakhalin during the flight over Soviet territory was shot down a South Korean “Boeing-747”. On Board were 269 passengers. This incident is considered one of the most mysterious in the history of civil aviation.A few days later the Soviet Union officially admitted that its air defense forces shot down the plane violated Soviet airspace, not reacted to the warnings.U.S. President Ronald Reagan, upon learning of the death of a South Korean airliner, called the incident “a crime against humanity that must never be forgotten”, and the USSR in the mouth of a President of America was “the evil Empire”.

About preduprejdenie

on 26 September 1983, the Soviet Union got a false warning of an attack from the United States. The satellite reported the launch of several missiles from the continental United States. But the radar monitoring couldn’t confirm this, since “missiles” were still too far. Perhaps the Soviet military leadership did not give a command for retaliatory nuclear strike, as it was believed that a US attack must have a massive character to knock out the Soviet command centers andnegligible large part of the nuclear potential of the country, and the launch only a few missiles did not fit into this picture. Whatever it was, but the decision of Colonel Stanislav Petrov on the recognition of threats about saved the world.

radio address Reagan

August 11, 1984, Ronald Reagan was preparing for a Saturday radio address to Americans. Conducting a MIC check before the performance, Reagan “joked” saying, ” My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to announce today that it has signed a decree declaring Russia outlawed forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.”

the Joke has become the heritage of mankind. The official reaction of the USSR was quite sharp and was followed by a statement by TASS:”TASS is authorized to declare that in the Soviet Union to be judgmental toward unprecedented attacks hostile US President. This behavior is incompatible with the high responsibility of heads of States, especially the nuclear weapon, for the fate of their own people, for the fate of humanity.”

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