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Simo Hayha is the most effective sniper in history. Surprisingly, your “record” Finnish sniper set for a few months, and that he did not use a telescopic sight.

Say at once, we don’t want to sing the praises of the Finnish sniper during the Winter war, killing hundreds of soldiers. The purpose of this material is to talk about Simo Hayha, not to extol its merits.
birthplace of the most effective sniper in the history of the world in the small village of Rautjärvi in the Central province 17 Dec 1905. He was the seventh child of eight in the family. Before the October Revolution Finland was part of Russia, so Simo was the subject of the Russian Empire.

His ability in the shooting was evident from childhood – family, Simo lived by fishing and hunting. At the age of 17 he joined the guard unit, participated in a sniper competition, where he won prizes.
Simo was low (1,61), then low height helped him become an effective sniper, allowing you to successfully camouflage and sneak away from persecution.

In 1925 Simo joined the ranks of the Finnish army, was trained at the non-commissioned officers ‘ school, leaving him a non-commissioned officer of the first Cycling battalion.

With the beginning of the Soviet-Finnish war, Simo was assigned to a sniper. He immediately became one of the most successful shooters. In just one day (21 December 1939), he eliminated the 25 soldiers, the expense for the three December days amounted to 51 people. For the time is short, but very intense war Finnish sniper struck from 550 to 700 soldiers. The exact number of victims is still disputed, however, the high efficiency of his actions is undeniable.

of Course, Simon immediately became an instrument of Finnish propaganda. Rumors of the invincible sniper differentwere for the front line. On Hayha was hunted. Squads of snipers, artillery – all forces were sent to eliminate an apt FINA, but until March 1940, he remained an elusive target. Simo fought in familiar places for themselves, knew the area inside out and had a good feel. “Get it” it was extremely difficult.

the Perfect weapon for Simo was a Finnish modification of the Mosin rifle M/28 or M28/30. From her sniper killed most of the soldiers. He also possessed a masterful submachine gun “Suomi” and machine gun “Lahti saloranta M-26”, which eliminated nearly 200 opponents.
the Distinctive feature of the Finnish sniper was that he didn’t use a sniper scope. This was due to the fact that first, the glare from the rifle scope were given dislocation, and secondly, the sight glass used to freeze. In severe winter conditions therefore, the scope lost its efficiency.

In the place of its location Simo rolled the snow crust, sometimes even filling it with water to from the shot, the snow is not scattered, giving the ambush site. In order that it was impossible to detect while hiding in the snow, a Finnish sniper is constantly chewing snow. This technique is still successfully used by pentazocine – because of the equilibration of the temperatures of the breath does not issue an arrow.

no matter How elusive the sniper, sooner or later, and it will find the bullet. Found it and Simo. On March 6, 1940, Soviet soldiers came to the Finnish sniper. The bullet went in the jaw and exited through the left cheek. Unconscious Simo evacuated to the rear, he came in the day the war ended. He had long treatment, a broken jaw and had to be restored is taken from the hip bone.

Simo lived a long life. It is significant that he asked the army in 1941, but due to injuries he was refused service. Until his last days he led a peaceful life, engaged in farming, breeding dogs, went hunting, were taught basic sniper skills podcastausee generation.
to Tell about the Winter war Simo did not like. To questions about their “glorious” past responded cautiously, saying that the secret of his effectiveness – training and in the war he participated because he fulfilled the duty.

Lived a Finnish sniper to 96 years.

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