Someone always has one to Hand. You are stuck in millions of Jackets and pants pockets, mostly crumpled and at the very bottom. Or, if it goes stupid in the washing machine. Millions of people use paper handkerchiefs – a lot of Tempo. And many use any other, and say all the same Tempo. Because like few other brands have managed the accurate folded white towels from the blue pack, with your name in the common parlance. As well as anyone knows him. But everyone wants the “do you Have a Tempo?” asks, in fact, necessarily and exclusively a real Tempo?

this year the brand celebrates its 90. Birthday. 29. January 1929 dated the application at the Reich patent office in Berlin. Oskar Rosenfelder, co-owner of the United Paper mills of Nuremberg, filed the request, according to the brand’s history at the time. A lot has happened since then – innovations, developments, change of ownership, but one thing is for decades: the pace of handkerchief and the handkerchief is Tempo.

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Generic carve-out, the phenomenon of Zewa, Tesa, Labello, Edding, Tupperware container or even the Walkman – sometimes more, sometimes less, and also, in part, regional differences.

“This is a blessing and a curse at the same time,” says Franz-Rudolf Esch, Director of the Institute for brand and communication research at the EBS Business School in Oestrich-Winkel near Wiesbaden. “Exclusive brand awareness is something very, very valuable,” he says. “The least.”

only those who invent a particular product or the market in each category very strong dominate, the expert explains. And could then benefit first. Tempo’ve done that, the market, innovation is driven forward.

Tempo, invented the Z-fold

So, the brand accounted for the invention of the so-called Z-fold, providing since 1975, you can shake the pace of wipes with one Hand apart. In 1988, the reclosable package, in the 90s, the handkerchief-Box came in between a variety of balsamic and Oil additives. Since 2017 pace marketed his handkerchiefs in addition, as a washing machine.

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On the name itself it is, of course, says Sybille Kircher, Director of the düsseldorf Agency noun, which developed on behalf of company product and brand name. If he is short, easy to the Plural or to a Verb to make let, promotes the separation. And, of course, if a product is so innovative that there in no term. “The brand name for the vocabulary for an entire product group. You no longer think about it,” says Kircher. The producers are then first of all very proud of.

And nevertheless, Kircher and her Team warn their customers against such effects. Because the question is, how long a trademark of their extreme reputation can benefit and when to the contrary, from blessing to curse. Because, says Kircher, the manufacturers have invested in such a cases, usually over many years, a lot of money to make his brand known. And the customer say even pace, my and buy, but any handkerchiefs. “The manufacturer then has lost the investment in the brand.”

Esch still points to another Problem: “If a brand is only associated with a runny nose, it is difficult to stretch,” says brand researcher. Stretch assumes that a manufacturer, other products sold under the same, many customers are already well-known names, and the beam power benefits. Nivea is such an example, where this strain had succeeded, says Esch. There’s a Name that once was only associated with a cream stand, today, for the subject of care as a whole.

Tempo today in a Swedish Hand

pace yourself, there is no answer to the question of what it is like to be a Synonym for paper handkerchief. Since 2007, the brand belongs to the Swedish Essity group, which also includes Zewa. Is produced but still in Neuss – several million packets of handkerchiefs every day, and also the classic logo has hardly changed.

a decades-long Tradition, however, is not a prerequisite. The carve-out is sometimes pretty quickly. The Most Prominent Example: Google. “Generally speaking, this is today, but becoming more and more difficult,” says Esch. This is mainly due to the fact that innovations would be copied much faster and the Original one is not usually long enough alone in the market.

Some of the issues in the present time but also completely new. Esch refers to devices such as Amazon’s controlled speaker-assistant Alexa spoke. If you dictated where the shopping list – know what you mean by Tempo?

Nico Esch / DPA


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