two years Ago, a giant luxury came a Villa in Los Angeles’ Bel Air district to the market. $ 250 million developer Bruce Makowsky for the object requested. The Villa was the most expensive luxury property in the United States. However, a buyer is not found for this sum. Some time ago the price was therefore reduced to 188 million dollars. Now there’s an even juicier discount. As the American newspaper “Los Angeles Times” reported, is to have the Villa for 150 million.

Villa shopkeeper

Why become his Villa to the shop Keeper, is for Makowsky on the Hand: the weakening of the global markets are to blame. Due to the unrest in the financial markets, no longer be the super in the world as generous as some time ago. “I don’t think anyone is ready to provide 250 million dollars for a house to spend,” said Makowsky. “With 150 million dollars it will be for a much larger audience.”

Even if Makowsky can not understand this setting, so he had to react. “People spend $ 70 million for a private jet, or 250 million dollars for a Yacht, as if it was nothing,” he complained. “But these are not the houses in which they live.”

car collection and a helicopter, there’s

the Villa leaves nothing to be desired: 3530-square feet of living space, twelve bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, five Bars, three kitchens, a room just for sweets, a movie theater with 40 seats and a Louis-Vuitton-bowling alley.

Two wine cellars are already stocked generously with all sorts of fine wines. A 25-Meter-long Infinity Pool and a Spa area are also available. In the basement below the pool, a car collection worth more than $ 30 million waiting for a buyer, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, and a Mini-formula-1-cars.

And a special Highlight is waiting on the roof of the Villa: the Original helicopter from the 80s series Airwolf. The not is however, more capable of flight, what could a few more dollars certainly change.

From the champagne room to the Candy Bar: $ 250 million! So it is to live in the most expensive Villa of the USA Fullscreen

924 Bel Air Road is the address of the new record-Villa in Los Angeles, is now looking for a buyer. You may have $ 250 million?

© The most expensive Villa in Los Angeles

Should be sold to the Villa for 150 million dollars, she’d still be the most expensive object ever went to in Los Angeles over the counter. The current record is 110 million dollars for a mansion in Malibu.



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