Who made the infection by coronavirus, two thirds of the world's population

Photo credit: TASS/EPA/Alex Plavevski

Adviser to the world health organization (who), the Ira Longini told Bloomberg that he was infected with coronavirus in the worst-case scenario can up to the two thirds of the world’s population.

He stressed that quarantine measures may slow the spread of the disease, however, they were taken after the virus has managed to penetrate beyond China, reports RT.

According to the assumption of the expert, each infected under normal conditions infect two or three people. Thus, the virus infected a third of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Sheremetyevo translated all the Chinese flights in terminal F

the First information about the outbreak of a new type of pneumonia spread from China to Wuhan in December last year. According to the latest information, pneumonia is a new-type ill 59,8 thousand people died 1368 people. Cured 5911 people.

in Order to prevent the spread of the virus in Russia, the government decided to close certain sections of the border with China in the far East, to restrict the crossing of the border with Mongolia, to cancel work visas for Chinese citizens to be evacuated from Hubei province are there Russians.

was suspended all regular flights of Russian airlines in China, except for flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The Railways, in turn, suspended railway communication with China.

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