Why Adolf Hitler had associated themselves with the wolf

Another 27/02/20 Why Adolf Hitler had associated themselves with the wolf

With the word “wolf” (it sounds so “wolf” in German) has been linked to almost every aspect of the life and work of Adolf Hitler. Even for his sister Hitler chose the pseudonym wolf. The roots of this “wolf” of passion to be found in the origin of the name of the Nazi leader and his political past.

Yachts, airplanes, asylum…

that Adolf Hitler cared for the wolves, easy to guess: the word “wolf” (“Wolf” is “wolf” in German) was used in Nazi Germany, literally everywhere. So, if you believe the authors of the book “the Gray wolf. The escape of Adolf Hitler” Simon Dunstano and Gerard Williams personal yacht of the Fuhrer called “Seewolf” – “Sea wolf”, a private plane was named “Fliegende Wolf” – “Flying wolf” and a submarine, which, according to one version, Hitler fled to Argentina, had the code name “Gruppe Seewolf”. Hitler’s headquarters in East Prussia was named “Wolfchanze” – “Wolf’s lair”, and asylum in Ukraine – “Werwolf” – “Wolf-werewolf”.

All those who surrounded Hitler in different periods of life, knew about his weakness for wolves and successfully used it in order to make the Fuhrer pleasant. For example, according to George Rekem, author of “Hitler and his God. Behind the scenes of the phenomenon of Hitler” cars “Volkswagen”, designed by Ferdinand Porsche, together with Adolf Hitler, produced and made the still in Wolfsburg, Germany. This name was proposed by the Chairman of the German labor front Robert Ley during a conversation with the very Hitler. Surely the head of the country was moved: he knew perfectly well that the town be named in his honor.

the Mystery of the name and party nickname

in General, wrote Joachim fest, a historian specializing in Nazi Germany in General and on the biography of Adolf Hitler in particular, the Fuhrer PTSshade liked it when it was called the wolf. The fact that the German leader was convinced that his name Adolf comes from the old Germanic word for “wolf.” American author of the biography of Hitler, John Toland claimed that Adolf literally translates as “lucky wolf”. However, Natalia Sheiko in the edition of “Russian names” says that Adolf is “noble wolf”. In this case, refers to the reduction of the mentioned phrase: Adel Wolf – Adolf.

Hitler loved these versions of the origin of his name, as they were not in disagreement with his view of the world as jungle. In addition, the “wolf” inspired Nazi leader aggressiveness, strength and loneliness. At least, so says Vladimir Mikushevich, author of the book “Power and law”. Besides, according to photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, which is reflected in his memoir “Hitler was my friend. Memories personal photographer of the führer” at the beginning of his political career Adolf Hitler used the party nickname “the wolf”.

“Wolves” everywhere and always

Perhaps that nostalgia for the past were forced by Adolf Hitler every time to experience pleasant feelings when the sound of the word. It is known that the führer did to his mistress, Mitzi Reiter, and his future wife Eva Braun, he was introduced as “Herr Wolff”. For the descendants of composer Richard Wagner, the music of which Hitler had a weakness, he was “uncle wolf”. Moreover, according to the author of the book “the Wolf’s lair, Adolf Hitler in war, in politics, in everyday life” Arkady Spring, the name wolf was wearing, even the sister of a Nazi leader. Hitler himself was awarded Paulo that name to ensure that she had the opportunity to quietly reside in Vienna.

it Seemed that Adolf Hitler, like talismans, he surrounded himself with “wolves”. For example, he gave the name of wolf pup to his beloved shepherd Blondi. It is noteworthy that the wolf shared the fate of its owner: the dog, like his mother, fed potassium cyanide, and then shot. Actually Hitler until the last day of ne retreated from his “wolf” tradition. Thus, the German militia created towards the end of the Second World war, was called “Werewolf”. This fact is mentioned in particular in the book by Otto Skorzeny “the Secret team”. Moreover, the “Wolf” continued to live after the death of Hitler Paula Hitler, for many years hid his real name, died in 1960.

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