The Wombi think it was great. At least once a day, you explained to me that I “have no idea”. My ignorance runs through all areas of life. I say: “You should get the word out write to you memorize you better.”

and More of Christiane Tauzher

“I’ll say it now for the very last Time! Stories from the nearly perfect life of a mother”, by Christiane Tauzher, Goldegg Verlag, 14,95 Euro

Wombi says: “This is totally unnecessary. The words are anyway in the book. You have no idea how to learn today.”

I say: “The Make-Up should not be darker than the face color, otherwise it looks like you have a mask.”

Wombi says: “I’m pale, I need color. You have no idea how Make-Up goes. This is a science.”

I say: “to eat 22 PM Chips, is good for the body. Drink a Cup of herbal tea.”

Wombi: “You have no idea how my body works and what it needs. Herbal tea is for old people with stomach problems.”

Now it’s actually a miracle has a topic opened up, the one who changed everything: the school of dance. Not any. THE dance school. Generations of Viennese young people met at the famous “Elmayer”, close to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, as it is socially accepted to classical music in the arms. Young ladies go in Vienna with 15 or 16 in the dance class, young men with 17. Dance is Viennese to the basic training, such as schnitzel fry and dirndl apron tying. “If you were in the dance school, you will need to sign up for,” I said to the Wombi, as she brought the project on the Sunday table. The Wombi meant that it was difficult, because she wanted to only in a very specific course on Thursday afternoon. For Reasons. The Thursday class was asked, in my time, very, because the most sought-after young men from the best schools came there.

C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin All for Show? There is to be a Teenager, the music-making like, learn and clean up

“You know the Lord Schäfer-Elmayer” groaned the Wombi, “can you not biiiiiitteeeeeee questions, if I can get a place in the course?”

“do you Think I should know?”, I asked, skeptical. The Wombi nodded vigorously and umhalste me profusely. As luck would have it, ran me Mr Schäfer-Elmayer, a few days later. There was great joy on both sides, many beautiful Interviews we had given each other over the years, often we had sat together, and good Manners were exchanged. Mr. Schaefer-Elmayer is not just a dance school owner but also Austria, guardian of good morals and has to kiss several books to Hand, and table manners.

The magic word …

After some friendly banter I let the cat out of the bag. As the magic word of “Thursday course” had left my mouth, Lord shepherd-Elmayers forehead wrinkles and the corners of his mouth fell down. “I regret with all my heart,” he said, “but I can’t help unfortunately. Everyone in this course must register in the normal way.”

which meant “normal”, I learned the other day from a friend whose son had already learned in the past year, the Dance on Thursday. “You have to do you at the latest by 6 o’clock in the morning on the filing date. You wait an average of nine hours. You take a stool with the food. Only the first 80 will get a seat in the course. Last year, the road had to be closed.” I was surprised and asked: “Nine hours, the mothers and fathers to get your children in the Thursday class?” The friend laughed, “honey,” she said, “Yes, our one is the flat feet, the other to send chauffeurs, housekeepers, or nannies.”

and More of Christiane Tauzher

“I’ll say it now for the very last Time! Stories from the nearly perfect life of a mother”, by Christiane Tauzher, Goldegg Verlag, 14,95 Euro

in the Evening, I asked the Wombi, whether you have a Chauffeur, I know of nothing that would put you on the filing date at 6 o’clock in the queue. The Wombi proposed to your grandmother, as placeholder before or the assistant to her father. “Uh, no,” said I, “certainly not. It will be so: You take the early shift, then I could replace you eventually, but I have to think …”

lightning continued to like the Wombi the dogs view. “Please, please, please,” she said and folded her hands. Briefly, it looked as if she would want to be in front of me on the knees.

The fateful day of the application decides about the Dance on Thursday, or Die, is the beginning of may. Until then, there are still seven weeks.

Seven weeks, in which the Wombi out writing a lot of vocabulary, only with transparent face powder dust and gallons of drinking herbal tea.


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