Why the Germans gave 100 thousand marks per head of General Dovatora

Heroes 03/02/20 Why the Germans gave 100 thousand marks per head of General Dovatora

Lev Mikhailovich Dovator was born in a poor Belarusian family, that did not stop him to become an outstanding cavalry General. The warlord died in 1941, but managed to make its huge contribution to the future victory. Cavalry Lev Mikhailovich became known as the “dovatortsam” and only one name struck fear into the hearts of German soldiers. The importance of General recognized, and the command of the Wehrmacht, who had promised his head of 100 thousand Reichsmarks.

Lev Dovator before the war,

Future legendary trooper was born in the Vitebsk region, studied in a parochial school, worked as a Secretary of the Komsomol Committee and in 1924 he was drafted into the army. He served in the 7th cavalry division, where commanders saw the makings of a future army officer, and sent him to the cavalry school of commanders of the red army. From 1929 through 1936-the year Dovator from the commander of the cavalry platoon was promoted to Commissioner of the reconnaissance battalion of the infantry division.

After training, Leo Dovator became a military Advisor in Spain, where there was a civil war. In the Pyrenees, it examines the conduct of sabotage and guerrilla warfare in the rear, and the gained knowledge will soon be useful for him at home. Before the war he was appointed chief of the 36th cavalry division and in the July battles of 1941 personally undermined a German tank with a grenade, for which he receives the order of the red banner.

the Belarusian peasant led the Cossacks

In August 1941 Dovatora was appointed commander battered in the battles of the 50th and 53rd cavalry divisions, in fact, eaten in the hull. Most new fighters Lev Mikhailovich was descended from a Cossack family and at first the villagers reacted with disbelief to his new commander. However, they soon changed their opinion.

Dovator was a master at cutting and was able to perform the most difficult elements of trick riding horse. In their division of the General beat the best blacksmiths and veterinarians, even more than earned the respect of subordinates. Leo realized that in modern warfare, tanks maneuvering cavalry are most effective in raids in the deep rear of opponents, and very soon he will test your tactics on the battlefield.

Baugruppe Dovatora in the attack

In August 1941, Dovator ordered to break through to Smolensk in the rear of 9th German army to destroy the German headquarters and warehouses, violations of communications and communication lines. August 23 baugruppe Dovatora broke through the German positions and was left in the RAID. The squad had only three dozen heavy machine guns, to maintain maneuverability of artillery refused.

Thanks to the excellent reconnaissance cavalry 10 days saturated the troops smashed the German rear. During this time they killed more than 2 500 troops of the Wehrmacht, 200 vehicles and 7 tanks. The Germans reported about tens of thousands of wild Cossacks, although the actual number of units amounted to 3 thousand cavalry. Part of baugruppe were the artists of the Moscow circus from the team of Mikhail Tuganov. They were able to shoot standing on the back of a galloping horse or, on the contrary, the firing, diving under the belly of a horse, which also influenced the development among Germans of the myth of the wild Russian.

2 Sep Leo broke through to, and the successful operation had an important psychological effect, because at that time the Soviet forces suffered defeat after defeat. For your RAID Dovator was awarded the title of major-General, and the Germans appointed his murder the award in 100 thousand marks.

the Defender Moscow

In early October 1941, the Nazis began a General offensive in the Soviet capital. On the edge of the enemy’s blow was the Dovator cavalry, which fought in the area of Volokolamsk highway on the banks of the Boundaries.
November 26 baugruppe renamed 2nd guards cavalry corps. During a counterattack in the Solnechnogorsk district of the warlord showed noticed even Rokossovsky thoughtfulness of action. Their riders, he did not throw in the attack SPLesnoy lava, and sent on the flanks, hurried and reinforced tanks. In the fighting the 2nd cavalry corps managed to hold the Germans at a distance of 30 kilometers from Moscow.

December 13 cavalry on infantry impassable for virgin snow went into the RAID, and the morning of the 15th was in the rear of the 9th German corps, which took up positions between Istra and Zvenigorod. During the day the Germans were thrown back 20 kilometers, and in the hands of “Dovatortsev” turned 33 enemy tank, 90 guns, over three hundred vehicles.

On the river Ruse, the enemy was able to gain a foothold. Dovator, pay special attention to the exploration, decided to explore enemy positions. Studying the opposite Bank of the river through binoculars, a descendant of Belarusian peasants, who led a natural Cossacks, December 19, was killed by a burst from a German machine gun. Together with Dovator was killed several officers of his staff. Three days later, Leo was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and his faithful Cossacks in memory, the commander broke the enemy resistance at Ruza.

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