The heat wave in Germany with temperatures up to 34 degrees a firm grip. Older people in particular makes the weather hard. But why? “The first is a physiological reason,” says Hans-Jürgen Heppner, President of the German society for geriatrics (DGG). “Older people have much less water in the body, a little more fat.”

in addition, older people of the house would not have explored less of a feeling of thirst – why this is so, it should be last, says Heppner. “You need to drink in the higher age is more of a timetable than to thirst.”

“Healthy people drink when thirsty, automatically as much as you need to compensate. But in the case of older or heart sick people the feeling of thirst may not be properly intact, so that you will not drink sufficient, and the fluid loss is not compensated for,” warns Prof. Andresen of the German heart Foundation. “If in such a Situation, by an additional intake of water, drugs driving a stronger fluid loss, decreases the volume of blood in the vessels: the blood pressure drops, and it can get especially when getting Up from sitting or lying Position to a circulatory collapse with brief loss of consciousness.”

symptoms of lack of water

A lack of water can disrupt blood circulation and supply the brain with essential minerals. This explains also that a lot of dehydrated people confused or spirit seem to be absent. Possible consequences of the high temperatures, dizziness, fatigue and headache are also.

According to information from the German heart Foundation, especially the elderly are at risk already due to blood pressure or heart problems. There are also serious consequences such as a drop in blood pressure threatens a circulatory collapse, heart arrhythmia or muscle spasms. “Those Affected can prevent the consequences by discussing with your doctor the precautions that can be, depending on the heart disease differently, for example, adjustment of the amount of drink or the necessary dosage changes in medication,” stressed the heart specialist Andresen as the Chairman of the Board of the German heart Foundation.

drinking amount with doctor vote

He recommends that elderly people and patients with a weak heart, in addition to drinking one to two liters per day. “Enough‘ does Not mean, however, that too much! Because excessive fluid intake can result in heart disease patients for worsening of their cardiac performance,” says Andresen. “Therefore, heart disease patients should coordinate their drinking quantity, but also the use of medication with your attending physician.”

source: German heart Foundation

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