The Swiss football national player thriving Jana Ismaili went missing after a swimming accident on lake Como. The Association of the Swiss Champions Young Boys of Berne, and the Swiss football Association announced on Sunday. “We are very concerned and have not given up hope that everything turns out to be Good”, – stated in the message.

Ismaili completed 33 games for Switzerland

The 24-year-old Ismaili, a captain in the Young Boys, on Saturday, according to Reports by the Italian news Agency Ansa, together with a friend on the shores of lake Como in Northern Italy, a boat should be rented. Of the boat, the midfielder was jumped later into the water and not resurfaced. The search actions of the police and fire brigade brought in, so far no success.

Ismaili plays since 2011 for Bern. In January 2014, she completed her first of 33 caps for Switzerland. Most recently, she played on the 14. June in Serbia for the selection.

fs / DPA


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