The air is musty, pants somewhere and sniffs someone, the smog of the many computers and monitors heats the air unpleasant, a swirling background Noise makes it almost impossible to hear his own thoughts – something like the horror vision of large-space offices. Instead of promoting the productivity or creativity of the employees, it is a modern work camp. A lot of people on to little space, without retraction surfaces. At the very least, prejudice.

the editor of “the F. A. Z” was 2018 in air, such as corrosive Working in a large office. After all, he had already worked in four Newsrooms. “All of them had at least twenty jobs, most of them significantly more. And not a single one of them was a temple of joy,” he writes. “The thought of escape in the solitude of the Swiss mountains covered almost all of the large-area colleagues on a regular and violent attacks.”

open-plan offices – who pays?

wow, that sounds scary – but isn’t that true? What makes open-plan offices to limbo? Modern office halls are always the same-it’s bad for employees – and thus also for businesses? Or is it the wrong configuration of a not so stupid idea?

work The great silence – why is a communication killer Work in the Metropolitan area of the

open-plan offices are now advanced or not? At least they should improve the communication between employees: Shorter distances, more direct consultation – prima. A study of Harvard University, comes to quite different results.

First of all, you have to get used to the feeling of a large space Renaissance. Because Schreibsäle it has been around for more than 100 years. However, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, they got a shock, there were office spaces with a single or maximum of two offices. A Trend that is in today built corporate offices in the past. But instead of questioning, for which employees and Teams, which Office is, were ripped in the past few years, the walls and the employees in the large room sent. Here, it was sent. The creators of the office have screwed up.

economy call for ways of closing with the 8-hour working day? By Katharina Grimm’s large space makes you sick

The result: anyone Who works in the office, is sick more often, found researchers at the University of Lucerne. “The more people working in an office, the greater the dissatisfaction with the General working conditions,” says Sibylla Amstutz, who supervised the study, so the “Handelsblatt”. Australian researchers analyzed various studies to the workplace and came in 2009 to the judgment that 90 percent of the respondents rated the office as a negative for the Psyche and health. Especially, the noise level is perceived as a burden. Actually permanent can make noise in the workplace sick. But also the light and temperature were considered to be non-optimally estimated.

save costs with office space

in Short: Really happy offices make large currently, only the Controller of the company. Because up to 20 percent of the company save in the case of the office space compared to the single – or two office. But that’s not good enough because the surfaces can be even better to use, if not everyone has their own Desk, but these are shared. “The Trouble begins directly with the start of work, if you are looking for a Desk. Usually one is free, every two weeks, but it had to Wait. Ten minutes, a whole hour, until a free-will. Not really a Problem, because the clock is ticking and the employer wants it so. Useful this Form of the ‘sharing economy’ is not, of course, still”, writes “F. A. Z”-colleague. Maximizing efficiency – but at what price?

The Problem of the large office, but the lived concepts behind it is not. It starts with the real estate. Since buildings that were built more than 30 years ago, and completely on the individual use of space have been planned, now all of the inner walls freed, a couple of green plants turned off and the free area with Desk, fully paved. There is no retreat spaces, no meeting rooms, no private niches – and, obviously, neither a concept nor a real Plan, what with a large number of offices actually. The fact is: From a certain size of space and number of employees Working in the Metropolitan area is hardly efficient.

Horror office to Apple’s Headquarters should be the office of the future – but the staff are shocked,

Apple is building its new corporate headquarters as an office-the Ufo, as the work of the future site. But already before the opening of the experts are planning to pass: to the needs of the employees.

Katharina Grimm, individual offices are not the solution

But it is a fallacy that individual offices are, in contrast to the large space of the source of productive work. The door to the private realm is for the first time, you can laze a wonderful time. This is also another colleague of the “F. A. Z”, has written a hymn of praise to the office. “Also, in single – or two offices you can be wonderfully productive, if that should be an Argument against the larger room. Quite to the contrary, the productivity can motivate in the common office, each employee strongly, even also not to hang,” he writes. “You could also venture the Theory that the office is disciplined in this respect, stronger than the great freedom of the Solitary in his cell.” The single office seems to be woefully out of time. A reward of past times.

office manners help colleagues come to visit – so you survive the night

With all the pros and Cons, there are at least a couple of insights that improved the work in the large room, at least. Functioning technology, hygienic jobs (when you share) – or, even better, fixed workstations for every employee and, above all, multi-functional spaces away from the Desk landscape. Just who keeps frequently changing Teams, short meetings, you will be in need of space. And here are the companies that rely on large spaces can points. Attractive niches, in the best case, with power outlets and USB charging stations and comfortable furniture ensure a good working atmosphere. Metropolitan area need not always be mean – it just needs to be cleverly planned.

But so far, the contentious issue relates to the office, only about 15 percent of the employees in Germany, discovered the world’s largest job Board, Indeed in the case of a representative survey. In fact, more than 37 percent of sitting still in a single office. Still – because in fact, the Trend to open work areas. “The important thing is not that big room is the same room. Design, working atmosphere and adaptation to employees ‘ needs are crucial for a produktive work environment and overall satisfaction. So to retreat, for example, are important,” said Frank Hensgens, managing Director of Indeed in Germany.Then it can be in the “limbo” is actually quite nice.


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