In my environment to get many with the middle, at the end of Thirty doubts as to whether the Job still fits. The question is: Terminate then quickly, to the Sabbatical or go after the dream job search, completing a total? Sometimes I wonder if this is at all good, when so much happiness in life of the work depends on and whether you must be so strong with a self-connected. Can’t work just be work?

First of all: It is quite typical to reflect in this age of self, and to Orient new. Also, under the concept of “Midlife Crisis” or “Thrisis” (in the middle of the “Thirties”), represents this Phase, a clear break with the past. While they had previously felt “all the time in the world”, and perhaps in some areas of life, rather, has drive, is one, it is now clear that almost half of one’s own life is already over. So the question focuses on whether it has become his life to the designs, its full potential to be happy, and whether the current employment fits to the own values of this transform, namely, in the course of time.

“luck” is a big word – just the Job

again and again I am confronted with exaggerated expectations, the people at your Job. Don’t get me wrong: As a career consultant, my goal is that my clients find a job that suits the best your personality. Great content, always exciting content, the perfect Team and best even usefulness: can, Unfortunately, be fulfilled as well as never all of the claims at the same time, or permanently. And even if, then this is also not a guarantee for Happiness. Who squints so to the supposedly greener Grass on the other side, in other pursuits, will never find long-term job satisfaction. Because no Job will ever be able to afford to make you happy every day and to give you the feeling of complete satisfaction with life. For your own well-being self-responsibility is the crucial prerequisite.


Ragnhild Struss, 39, helps people to make their inner voice to authority. In your company, “Struss and Partner career strategies” developed career paths that are not forced to “up”, but to himself – whether in the workshop or in the group. With BeBrilliant, it has put an App on the market, the personality analysis, 360°Feedback and Coaching “to go”.

©Tristan Vostry Why we should not make any profession

So you should try to find an activity that suits your personality and you bring your Strengths and your potential as well as possible to exploit. But you also ask yourself the right questions, namely “How to be a Job, so I can unfold my potential and joyfully?” and “What can I contribute that I used to have fun at work?”. I do not recommend you to depend on your environment or social Trends, but to look inwards. Maybe you can’t understand the doubts and the mood of your friends and colleagues Yes, because you are already in your Job satisfaction? Social comparison can lead to dissatisfaction. Just because “all the other” change your life, it does not mean that you have to do it also. Or maybe the knowledge, what would you change like you are missing?

series Job Coach, My colleagues, customers, and the boss is nervous! Should I cancel? The inventory of decides

How do you figure out which professional you and whether you should try something else? You go for example, your subconscious settings to the bottom of it: What values are important to me, what I prioritize my life and are reflected in these values, at least in part in my current Job? I’m usually like that to work? I see myself with my Team? Can I contribute my Strengths and talents in my work? Or do I need to do, especially tasks, which to me is actually less good? I feel in my work environment, the workplace is adequate to my personal needs? Or it’s stressing me out, for example, as a silent person in the office to work, or to sit as an extrovert in isolation?

satisfaction should be based on several pillars are based

Not less important is the consideration of the General well-being and the classification of the job in the design of life is: Am I generally in my life, and its different areas of operation? Because if a major life area such as the partnership is not going well, can be overshadowed the entire rest of the life and also job satisfaction. At the same time, the opportunities to feel satisfied, the more one receives happiness from a variety of sources: the work is only a part – and also the fulfilment in the areas of family, friendship, Hobbies, and health and sense of body flows in the overall balance. You make it so clear, how good are you in these other areas, instead of focusing on your inventory only on the Job.

Job-advice “bück dich? Also the Slimes to the boss for a career?” From a Sabbatical, everyone can

the benefit If only a couple of months or a whole year – more and more employees looking for a Sabbatical. And there is much for the often special paid leave: is actually in addition to the desire for more time for the family and self-training, travel, Burnout prevention, as well as the support of social projects for both reasons the move to take this break. Not a few people take advantage of the Sabbatical year, indeed, for retraining or other professional reorientation. It is also important here to not let too much of his environment to influence, but to ask yourself, what project you would realize in the special holiday. If your employer gives the opportunity to have a Sabbatical, take a quiet this Chance. And consider this: The best you use this time, if it is well prepared.

At the end of the quest is worth it after the “dream job” but

There is much to suggest, to strive – no matter what age – to work “with a self-connected” is, as you write. You will definitely find more professional fulfillment, if the Job is in harmony with your personality and your Strengths, you have the opportunity, the potential development, and you don’t have to work against their inner inclinations. How would you judge this in your current activity, is solely your decision. But you have the right to a fulfilling Jobn there is for each a proper place. And you deserve.

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Ragnhild Struss


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