In the headquarters of the recommendation service Foursquare can play the staff at table tennis tables, with Google in Zurich, large Slides for fun. Foosball tables in many offices, the standard furniture. The idea is simple: employees should feel comfortable in the workplace, you should have fun with colleagues in their professional environment. After all, who has the joy of work, works better.

This is also confirmed by studies. The personnel service provider Manpower found in a study in 2014 that every third employee is a responsive design of the workplace is important, 77 percent made the work more fun when you come with your colleagues and the chief good, and 45 percent was also important to have in the evening a good rapport with team mates.

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colleagues as best friends, the workplace as a Playground and the work as a duration of fun – of course this is mumbo-Jumbo. Companies offer the chill-out areas and giant slides, of course, with an ulterior motive: the one Who finds his or her job well, works better – but maybe longer. Who is friends with his colleagues, takes work topics for the common beer. “In the past, the employees have made the evening sports, or have met up with friends in the pub. Today, this takes place in everyday professional life,” says economic researcher André Spicer to “brand eins”. “This dissolution of boundaries means that people are spending more and more time in the office and with colleagues. This comes at the cost of friends and family.”

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The expert warns that colleagues are not friends – you would remember, especially if you leave the company.”There is a danger that the social life of these people is poorer. Just imagine, someone loses his or her job. Then, the social contacts are the way. It should be added that it is also the career hurts to spend so many hours in the office,” says the expert to the business magazine. “We have found that it is often just those people who come in your career, have the most contacts outside of work.”

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The Dilemma studies show: those Who spend too much time with his work, is on the whole unproductive and this is reflected in turn in falling Motivation. “Studies that have tried to make a relationship between fun and productivity, came to similar results, namely, the enjoyment of work very little or nothing to do with high productivity,” says Spicer. He warns us not to focus too much on the Job. Because of the romantic image, that of employers is constructed, is not real. Who loves his Job honestly, you should be aware that the Job is the rare back.

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people still have an emotional connection to your workplace, it is clear. But should be real: a sense of duty, the sense to do what you do best, or even disdainful, the high salary is actually Motivation enough. Neither Soccer nor giant slides would increase over a longer period of time, the Motivation or the feeling of happiness – the only compliant could be the end of the activity, Spicer.

Less Schischi around the workplace, and more concentration on the work itself – and yet it is here, companies make a mistake. “Many jobs are now in large offices, where you will be permanently distracted from work. Add to that the infinite number of E-Mails to answer, and if you could work in peace, to Happiness-training. Much would be achieved if the company set up the routine so that the employees could concentrate on their work,” says Spicer, “brand eins”. “A good daily work routine looks like this: you come into the office each morning, to find the calm, focused their tasks to cope with, go home at night and feel free.”



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