could Anyone trade a salary increase out, you can look forward to? Unfortunately not always, because tax and social insurance can have the Plus very quickly melting. Behind the cold Progression, which ensures that the income is not so much will be deducted, the remains the bottom line is that even fewer are left. However, before the content is rejected increase for this reason – there is a solution.

benefits in kind by the employer are a welcome Alternative, because you will be completely tax – and social contributions – as long as some of the things to be observed. Because of the advantage, the benefits for the employer due to this property, not to exceed the free limit of monthly 44 Euro (528 euros per year).

Cash fixed assets effective services – saving with Extra money from the boss

By capital-forming payments, short VL, employees can make money with the support from the employer and partly by the state – to accumulate. But how does this actually work?

Katharina Grimm supplementary health insurance as a benefit in kind

The first sounds not so much. What can we Finance for 44 Euro? For example, a supplementary health insurance. Whether the single-bed treatment in the hospital, a dental insurance or alternative methods of therapy – all of which can also be paid by employer. Here, you should be careful, however, to Detail, writes the “Handelsblatt”. Because a property reference (and thus the tax-free version) is available only if the employee has a right to the thing, but on the Cash, said the FTC. This means the insurance as a benefit in kind: The policyholder is the employer, completes the policy for its employees and the costs directly paid. He pushes just a sum of money over and the employee pays the insurance, are Cash and must be taxed and social security contributions are due. Important the flow of money is so.

financial test As you saving with capital-forming payments right Of Katharina Grimm

But other grants are possible, for example, for the promotion of health. Annually, the employer can spend up to 500 euros tax-free for such actions. However, these need to be in the guidelines of the health insurance funds anchored. The Fitness-Studio, includes a course for the health of the Back. Workers get their health insurance information.

Kita-fees subsidize

Also a subsidy for child care is also conceivable. If the employer is involved in the day – care centre or childminder costs can even be higher amounts of tax and duty-free. However, it should also grant a Care instead of a salary increase. Information in family Ministry. A further possibility is the cost of a subsidy to phone. The employer may take over 20 per cent (maximum 20 euros a month) the private cell phone bill if the phone is used for official purposes.

Also the monthly ticket for public transport is a Goodie. Or a grant to the food, especially, if there is no canteen. Here, employers can allow their employees up to 93 euros in the Form of luncheon vouchers that can be redeemed in Restaurants, but also in many super markets.


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