Why Vladimir Vysotsky started a friendship with the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev

Biography 18/02/20 Why Vladimir Vysotsky started a friendship with the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Vladimir Vysotsky was always a very practical man. According to one of the anonymous interlocutors Boris Kudrjasova, author of “the Passion according to Vladimir Vysotsky”, friends and even foes of the artist often called his “rational Jew.” Here and meeting with the daughter of Secretary General Galina Brezhnev Vysotsky was looking for not just.

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according to Sol Shulman, author of “Power and fate: personal fate of the rulers of the Kremlin from its Foundation to the present day”, by Galina Brezhneva was a longstanding relationship with the artistic medium. Even their husbands and lovers, the daughter of the General Secretary was chosen among artists. So, the official Brezhneva spouses at different times have become contortionist Eugene Minaev and illusionist Igor Kio. In addition, Galina Leonidovna even during his lifetime was attributed novels with the ballet dancer Maris Liepa, and with actor and singer Boris Buryatse. Due to the fact that Galina Brezhnev clearly had a weakness for artists, many of them she had a really invaluable.

If you believe Yuri Sushko, author of the book “the Last novel of Vladimir Vysotsky”, the Brezhnev era was patronized by many creative people in those years. Even the notorious Theater of miniatures Polyakova, where in the early 1960-ies found refuge young Vysotsky, were created through the intervention of Brezhnev. And Nicholas Zenkovich in his book “the secret family” wrote that Galina Leonidovna flawlessly performed, even those requests of artists that are not related to their professional career, from housing to medical. In this case, Galina Leonidovna has a rather forgiving nature. For example, after a divorce and Milevum whom Brezhnev, incidentally, was suspected of infidelity, she left him a five-room apartment in the residential part of the hotel “Ukraine”.

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About this story and on other occasions, when the auspices of Galina Brezhnev played a major role in someone’s life, it is known to all, including Vladimir Vysotsky. It is therefore not surprising that the bard wanted to meet Brezhnev. Moreover, bard has always been a very practical man. Biographer Fedor Razzakov in his book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the secret trump card in the deck,” writes about how one day, the bard had managed to ingratiate himself with the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, in the hope that he, using his connections, will help his career.

However, according to Razzakov, hope Vysotsky on Yevtushenko was in vain. Galina Brezhnev was in this respect a win-win option. In the book Boris Kudryavov “secret family Vysotsky” there is evidence that Vladimir Semenovich has deliberately sought a meeting with Galina Leonidovna. Then he began to appear in public with Marina Vlady, but his works were still going well: poems of the bard were not published, the records were not produced, and the performances let. Vysotsky consoled myself with the thought that Brezhnev would help him to explain at the top that his work is not “anti-Soviet”, and it finally recognized.

just In case

Vladimir Vysotsky really managed to establish relations with Galina Brezhneva. This is particularly writes in his book “the Case of Galina Brezhnev. Diamonds for a Princess” and Eugene Dodolev. Vysotsky repeatedly addressed Galina Leonidovna concerts. Apparently, this friendship has been kind to the artist and the Secretary-General himself. So, if you believe the same Fedor Razzakov, Vysotsky once refused an exit visa. Marina Vlady appealed to the French Communist Georges Marchais, who in turn got in touch with Brezhnev. The Soviet leader called the and took full responsibility for Vysotsky.

Interestingly, one of the interlocutors Boris Kudryavov claims that a Galina Brezhnev Wysocki to achieve and failed. Supposedly she had withhowl circle. However, colleagues of Vladimir Semenovich hold the opposite point of view. For example, Valery Yanklovich, whose words are quoted in the edition of Valery Perevozchikov “Vladimir Vysotsky. Only the closest,” argued that the actor “kept her (Galina Brezhnev) in the most extreme case”. He had planned to go to Brezhnev, when in the 1979-1980 years he had opened several criminal cases regarding the “left” concerts. But to do this he was not fated: Vysotsky was saved from prison, not Brezhnev, and death.

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