whether it’s chicken breast, quail, goose leg or a duck: wash the Many consumers of raw poultry meat before cooking it. The idea behind the step is clear: The water to rinse pathogens, and preparation of the meat, in a sense, hygienic make. However, from the point of view of health authorities, the Washing of raw meat is even more dangerous. By splashing water can spread germs in the kitchen – sometimes the germ-water flies-mixture is not more than 50 centimetres wide, warns about the National health service in the UK, “NHS” (National Health Service).

bacteria love heat, So they prevent food infection

Under the Heading “Why you should raw chicken never wash call” the British are several good reasons for the step, in the future, to omit. Problem number One: meat of poultry often contains so-called Campylobacter. These are rod-shaped bacteria that can result in a low number to a food infection. Chicken drumsticks and co. are rinsed well with water, the spread of Campylobacter to the adjacent kitchen equipment such as dishwashing sponges, work surfaces or cutting boards. From there, the germs can migrate to other foods such as salads and vegetables. There may be fever, Nausea, and diarrhea threaten.

point number Two: By carefully Cooking already killed all the pathogens in the meat, which makes Washing unnecessary. “Heat will kill all existing bacteria including Campylobacter”, it is part of the “NHS”. “Through the Wash, however, the germs are distributed only.”

caution, germ-danger!: Seven foods that spoil faster than you think Fullscreen


Fresh sprouts are delicious and low in calories. However, they can be also quickly to be a real Germ spreader. A study by the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) shows that germs can multiply in pre-packaged sprouts within a few days, quickly and at the end of the minimum durability date, there is a very high concentration having. Therefore, the following applies: sprouts rapidly consume, rinse off and, if possible, by cooking. Pregnant women and immunocompromised people, should avoid eating sprouts are never eaten raw.


To protect against a food borne infection also advises the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), and raw meat “to remove as far as possible with a fork or a pair of pliers out of the packaging” and to give the connection directly in the pan or the oven. All the items that came with the raw poultry meat in contact, should be cleaned thoroughly. Also, careful washing of hands is one of them.

kitchen crepe is allowed

if you want to make sure that when you Roast all of the germs are killed, you can buy a meat thermometer and the Internal temperature of the meat to check. As safe a food is, according to the BfR, then, if in the Inner for the duration of two minutes a minimum of 70 degrees Celsius prevail.

but What remains of all those who find it, for certain reasons, more hygienic, to clean the meat before cooking again? For this there is a small concession: kitchen crepe. “Very moist meat surfaces can be swabbed if necessary, with Once-in kitchen paper”, it is part of the BfR. But also for the used paper is then quickly in the garbage.

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