It is a Crux with the iPhone memory. Until the iPhone 7 is the smallest model had a long of only 16 gigabytes, a later extension is different as many of the Android Smartphones is not possible. Anyone who has saved in the wrong place, gets much too often, the annoying error messages. “Memory almost full”, as it was called. And, although Apple saves since iOS 11 powerful photo storage. We reveal how you can with little effort even more space.

are Not always in full resolution films

One of the biggest memory-eater self-shot Videos. In the default setting, the iPhone records in FullHD 1080p resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels, and consumes a whopping 60 MB of the Minute. For small Videos in between, even quite 720p but not enough, especially when you look at them anyway, only on the iPhone. This saves a powerful memory, 720p Videos half the amount of memory consume. 4K-Videos, as they are since the iPhone 6s is possible, one should avoid because of the memory of hunger anyway – unless you have an iPhone with at least 32 gigabytes of storage space. The resolution change in the system settings under “camera” and “record a Video”.

New iPhone System iOS 11 finally brings an end to lack of memory Of Malte Mansholt Messenger are memory hogs

iMessage and Whatsapp swallow fast memory in the Gigabyte range. But let’s be honest: anyone Who reads old Chats? Also auto-saved photos and Videos eat up memory unnecessarily.

iMessage: Apple’s own Messenger to grant automatically on request. The Option can be found in system settings under “messages” and “messages”. A choice of 30 days, a year, or an unlimited Store.Whatsapp: In Whatsapp you need to delete the stored content manually. To do this, go into the settings to point to “data and memory usage” and then “memory usage”. Now you can see which Chat how much memory it eats. You select a, you can clean it with “Manage…”. To do this, check the media types that you want to delete, then select “Empty” and confirm. Note: The data are not save after that.
generally you should disable it in the “Chats” Option is “save to camera roll” – otherwise every joke lands-photo and Video immediately in the photos App.HDR-twins don’t save Smartphone-Tricks, These nine iPhone Features Apple does not get well hidden By Malte Mans

When the light conditions are ideal, can HDR get a lot out of it. Unfortunately, the iPhone stores it in the default-setting not only the desired HDR photo, but also the normal image without the improvements. The cost of useless memory. To change the Option, select in the settings “camera” and put under the item “HDR” switch in the “Normal photo”.

Automatic Downloads of purchases, switch off

people Who have more than one Apple device, or music through iTunes buy, has fast the memory is full. All purchases of land in General, also on all devices – although it takes about the new App just on the iPad or the Album just for the iPod. In the settings under “iTunes & App Stores”, you can define exactly what purchases you want to have really automatically on the iPhone.

photos on the iPhone

evaporation If you use iCloud to back up the images on the net, there is a very easy way to save fast memory. The iPhone retains only a scaled-down Version of the freshly-taken photos to iCloud, images are saved in full glory. To do this, tap in the settings to “photos”. Under the “iCloud photo library”, select instead of “Download and keep originals” Option “iPhone-optimize memory.”

Cloud-images lock-out

you are logged in with the same iCloud Account on multiple devices, the images to shoot, you sit the case in no time in the Memory. Blame Apple’s photo stream, which syncs the last 1,000 photos automatically on all devices. Off you can use the function in the settings under “photos” under the “My photo stream”.

how to clear the memory at the fastest

in addition to the unnecessary photos, especially the used Apps on the diminishing memory fault. For one, there are many that you do not actually uses, and applications to collect, over time, frightening amounts of data. What is the biggest memory-eater, can be found in the settings under “General” and “iPhone storage”. Instagram, Whatsapp, and others come here in case of intensive use can easily be in the Gigabyte range.

How you can clean up the accumulated App-data, called the Cache, that depends on the respective Apps. A lot of offer in the settings is an Option. For Whatsapp we have explained it above, in the case of some, like Instagram, only to Delete it and re-installing the App, actually helps. Especially in the case of Social Media Apps, in the to log in per Account, this is often the most convenient variant. Anyways since all data is stored on the Server of the operator, you lose by Deleting any important data. A Trick on how to the Cache of many Apps in one go, empty, without having to re-install, we tell in this article.


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