last week I was at a beautiful wedding. My almost ten years younger favorite cousin has said “Yes”. Traditionally, with all the trimmings. The entire relationship was at the Start. All were decked out and I was the best things. Until I realized that I have a protective shield would have to take instead of my new handbag prefer. Because suddenly it rained naughty sayings from all sides. Why? Well, because I was a female, 33 – (again) without a “plus one” appeared on a family celebration. Alarm, the wayward child has apparently found still no breadwinner! As an aunt, uncle and co. must help time …

seized Already on the stag night, my grandma my Hand. “Don’t you want to marry soon? You’re so old already! You need to find yourself a husband fast, you want to us a sweet great-grandson a child a gift. What happened to the young man with whom you went to at the time of your prom?” My uncle went direct with: “in my volunteer fire Department, Uwe is your age and soon takes over the farm of his parents. The addiction also! Should I give your number?”

lack of understanding of marriage muffle

Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” in 2015, appeared and was promptly a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for 21. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

I answered in the decided and tried my Relatives to explain, laughing, that you need not to Worry. My need would be limited. I had not, after all, a friend who was just today, and getting married is generally not so. Not yet, anyway.

silence, irritated eyes. And all just so: “Hääää?” A lot of people can not imagine, apparently, that not everyone has marriage as a goal on the slip of paper. As the ultimate indicator of happiness, satisfaction, an adequate adult life. The cake-Cutting, a distant aunt from behind, whispered to me: “If you’re not careful, happen to you soon, the same as me – suddenly you’re old and invisible to the men. Then you left, as to buy you a cat.”

Well, a stroke of luck that on the day before the Jehovah’s witnesses had rung me and when I opened it in pajamas by the door, asked me if I had just school holidays and where my parents were. I’m still 16! That’s what woman want?!

Everywhere wedding print

I then fled first to the younger guests in the hope of getting on to lighter topics. But nothing there! The women (all late 20’s) were talking all about how you imagine your own wedding. Those who had stuck a Partner, but still no engagement ring on the Finger, threw your men throughout the night, glances. Keyword: Wedding Print. “Paul has made Kathrin after three months of a request and you didn’t ask me after six years still. You love me at all?” No wonder, then, that at a late hour were always more men at the Bar go …

I was definitely glad to know that you had not set me back at the children’s table. Years ago, I was that impressed and I had the whole evening with my seat neighbor Kevin about Pokémon, Go entertain. He writes me love letters. In the meantime, he would have to be 18. Maybe I’ll do it like the Wendler and hire Kevin for the next wedding as my Alibi-flagship-Toyboy-fiance, so I finally got my rest.


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